Training with a Cold?

  1. Nelson
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    Training with a Cold?

    Do you usually take some time off training if you catch a cold, or do you just reduce the workload?
    I hate missing a workout, but on the other hand I don`t want to stress my system out any more by training hard.
    What do you think?

  2. I take the time off and super dose the vit. C. I usually only end up missing a day or two. If I don't, I wind up getting really sick because I've broken down my already weakend immune system and I end up needing a week or two off instead because I'm really sick.

  3. ... I guess I'm bad about it, cause I don't reduce ****, just take as much C as I can as Draven says, and slug my way through it... makes me feel better to try not to slow down at all... I dunno I don't worry about it too much... haven't gotten a cold in a long time though... if you are particularly concerned about it Nelson, and are dieting or something I'd take a day or two depending on the severity of your symptoms, go ahead and tweak your cals up a bit and shake the virus as fast as possible, then it it hard again... probably not the best advice, but if it's not affecting your workouts, I wouldn't worry about it, just make damn sure your nutrition is spot on and you're getting assloads of sleep.
  4. Nelson
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    I`m taking plenty of Vitamin C - maybe 10g a day.

    I`m cutting so I have increased cals a bit & taken a few days off.
    It`s a bit of a setback, but I`d rather just get over it.

    I should be over it in a day or two & fresh to get back into it again.

    Thanks for your input guys.

  5. I've been sick for 3 weeks...and so tired...hardly gone to the gym...had to stop my cycle...I'm not a happy person right now

  6. Nelson
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    That sux.
    I also fell sick during my cycle about 6 weeks ago.
    I hope you recover soon mate.

  7. Bump for Draven's advice, I would suggest you add a combo of Vitamin C + Vitamin E , Vitamin C works in the water cells as opposed to Vitamin E which works on the fat cells, making it an ideal combo for boosting immune system properties, specially if you are sick.

  8. If the cold gets severe, I stop working out and give myself time to recuperate. I take 1 gram Vit C every hour, along with garlic, Echinacea & Goldenseal. Drink lots of water, and eat less protein and more high gi carbs, like fresh fruit. The virus is not as comfortable in an alkali system, and the liver needs to be at full fighting capacity when an infection sets in.

  9. i usually jus keep sluggin thru it...maybe back off a bit. when i first feel a cold comin on, i start the echinacea and goldenseal. that takes care of it for me before it really takes hold....i go ahead and finish the whole bottle too...just to make sure.


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