Arnold's Routine

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  1. Originally posted by John Benz
    If you can comb your hair as you leave the gym on arm night, you're not pumped enough.
    Or wipe your ass.

  2. Originally posted by wojo
    personally i stick to mike mentzer's routines..hehehe
    I like his as well, although at the moment I'm giving HST a go.

  3. not me i can never go back..pandoras box opened and i refuse to shut it

  4. Wojo, I just finished reading HIT the Mentzer Way, his latest book, and it all made so much sense. What is your HIT routine?

  5. right now im using his consolidation routine

    i go every 7 days which is every thursday since i have limited equip at of last week i was doing routine 1 dips deadlifts routine 2 squats pulldowns..this week im starting his base line at l.a fitness its been awhile since i did actual bench presses because of equip limitations and injuries so we shalll see if i can hit my old high mark again..cant wait for thursday this week

  6. If you want to try a HIT routine go to and do a search on Iron Addict. He has had amazing results with his clients and others using HIT. Or got Swolecat's site site and look under the swolebary (or something like that) and see Silverbacks basic HIT routine.


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