So you have 3 hours per week

  1. So you have 3 hours per week

    How do you use them to maintain the gains you just made?

    chest/tri, legs/shoulders, back/bis is the most common response I have gotten. My schedule is tight as heck. Any suggestions appreciated!


  2. Thats what I did for awhile when my schedule was busy! Seemed to be just fine just give it your all when your in there.

  3. I think three hours per week is sufficient to make or maintain gains as long as your diet is in check.

    Generally, when I know I will have little time to train such as during finals week I do an HST type routine in which I do the entire body. It usually looks something like this:

    Squat: 3x
    Deadlift: 3x
    Flat or Incline Bench: 3x
    Bent Over Rows: 3x
    Military Press: 3x
    Pull Ups: 3x

    If time allows, I add the following:

    Skullcrushers: 2x
    Curls: 2x
    Calf Raises: 2x
    Cable Crunches: 2x

  4. This was robbed from Glen. Many others on this forum use it with great results. You will gain, not maintain:

    my workout program looks like this

    (i use explosive positives and 5-7 second negatives for everything except deads and squats for obvious reasons)

    workout A
    each body part gets 2 warm up sets then 3 working sets of 8-12, 4-6, and 2-4 reps with the same weight each set and not a very long time between sets
    chest - either incline hammer strength or flat db press
    back thickness - deadlifts, rack deads, or rows
    back width - reverse grip close grip pulldowns or wide grip pull ups
    shoulders - hammer strength machine or db presses
    tris - skulls or seated overhead exts

    workout B
    bis - straight bar curls or preacher curls same sets as "A"
    quads - squats or hack squats lots of warm ups and 2 sets of 10-12
    hams - SLDL or lying curls same sets as "A"
    calves - still trying to find something that works haha

    i train monday wed and fri and alternate workouts A and B

    i go to failure on every working set and every 5-6 weeks i take an entire week off to let my body recoup
    Recent log:

  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Yep. You will definitely add size and strength with that method, not just maintain it.

  6. time can always be made
    go in the morning before work
    if you only have three hours spare time your a harddd worker

  7. 3 hrs a week is all you need



    Dips 3 sets
    Pullups 3 sets
    Deadlifts 3 sets
    Incline DB Press 3 sets
    Front Squat 3 sets
    Shoulders 3 sets

    abs 2 sets
    calves 2 sets
    bis 2 sets
    tris 2 sets

    You will make better gains in size doing this, rather than the split you mentioned.

  8. 3 hours a week is sufficient to make decent gains, you can split it to four 45 mins sessions or 3 one houre sessions, train with high intensity, and its up to you how you wanna split the boddy but i\ll do what you've planned, and most important keep you diet in check.



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