Need some help with my chest workout.

  1. Need some help with my chest workout.

    I need some ideas guys. My inner chest is a bit lagging, I feel there is too much space between my pectorals, and would like to develop them so that they "meet" in the middle. I have not had much success isolating this area.

    Also with all my chest exercises in general I am having a tough time isolating the chest vs the shoulders, the shoulders are picking up most of the work and growing much more. Any advice?

  2. I have the same problem. When i do dumbell presses, I always try to push them up to the point i feel some isolation in middle of my chest (almost a V)

    When you do fly's (with dumbells) turn the head of the dumbell in towards your chest. You have to use lighter weight or there will be alot shoulder involved.

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