Help me out with a program for my wife.

  1. Exclamation Help me out with a program for my wife.

    Alright guys,

    Here we go. I just signed my wife up yesterday and she's very ready and motivated to get back up. She's had great success in the last two-three months with losing weight and tightening up. Her stomach area is great, I'm very satisfied with it and she still wants it a little tighter. I know this will come along with the training so it's not a problem area. The main thing she is unhappy with is her legs, all of them. She needs muscle development in all areas, calves, hams, quads, hip flexors, gluts, etc. In the past she has concentrated a lot on cardio but I'm changing all of it. She wants to be happy with the way she looks so I'm taking this seriously and making her taking it as serious. She's willing to follow my advice because she knows I know what the hell I'm talking about. Only problem is, when it comes to women, I'm not exactly sure what should be different.

    My general thoughts are the following in reference to her regiment:

    Lots of cardio but never high intensity, she will focus on preserving as much LBM as possible.

    No impact training, no free weights (for now), no running, or anything that has hard impact. Her joints are strong and my regiment for her will include joint strengthening through machines and no impact cardio.

    Basic 3 day lifting routine, light weight, 10 reps, 3 sets. This will be to promote general LBM as well as to build strength.

    Core, abs, and lower back exercises to build a strong foundation. She has had lower back problem in the past, this will be to help her increase the strength of those muscles.

    No movements that are uncomfortable.

    At least 30 minutes of cardio 4 days a week.

    Emphasis on leg weight lifting to build muscle in her legs.

    So here is a brake down of what her workout split would look like:


    5 minutes stretching
    10 minutes light cardio to warm up
    20-25 minutes weight lifting routine
    30-40 minutes cardio (never going above 140bpm)

    For weight lifting I was thinking something like this (3 sets of 10 for most things)

    M: Lower back, Shoulders, Abs, Core

    W: Legs: Squats, machine assisted squats, high repetition calf raises, ham extensions, quad extension, core, abs.

    F: Back, Arms, Lower back

    Su: Nothing but cardio, 1hr.

    Her diet is pretty decent but needs work. Mainly she needs to be eating more often and watching her macros and carb GIs.

    So….any help would be great. I think this is a decent start and adjustments will be made. Mainly, the biggest thing she wants is to improve her legs. They are a ways from being tone but as we all know, there is no such thing as spot reduction but I figure leg weight training will help a lot. Please…suggestions. THANKS!

  2. Well I can only tell you what my girlfriend is doing. She does higher reps, 12 - 15; and eats a lower carb diet. One thing she loves are walking lunges, great burn apparently.Surprisingly she has cut back on the cardio, maybe 30 mins 3 times a week, and stepped up the weights. All this combined with the low carb has seen her harden up quite a bit and lose about 5 lbs so far.

    Good Luck to your lady.

  3. Thanks. I think I may have her cycle her carbs, with carbs being lower on non-workout days. Basically, I feel it's extremely imoprtant for her to watch carb GIs rather than her intake of carbs as it's not that high. I have to sit her down and have a look at her fitday breakdown. We can go from there with much more direction. Thanks for the info.

    Mind sharing her diet with me?

  4. NO one else?


  5. Take a look at this post:

    I would suggest pretty much the same leg excercises.
    You might want to get her to train legs twice a week if that is what needs the most work.
    A decent leg workout will use up a ton of calories and boost her metabolism all day, so she could perhaps skip some of the cardio for more leg stuff.
    Just make sure the weight she is lifting is heavy enough to make her sweat out the last set.
    High reps and light weights are fine, but if she wants to see results she is going to have to load it up.

  6. Thanks a lot Karate. You must have been reading my mind when we were in the gym because I told her that maybe I'll have her train legs twice a day. Thanks!


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