Trapezius Help

  1. Trapezius Help

    Need some help here fellas,

    I have one trap which is noticeably smaller than the other.
    I was wondering how to bring it up to the other one (besides synthol )
    Should I use more weight, reps, or sets for the smaller side or what?
    any help appreciated,
    BIG "D"

    kidding about the synthol

  2. First of all what do you do right now for your traps?
    If shrugs, you might try switching to db shrugs do the same sets, reps, and weight for each side. Try doing one side at at time starting with your weaker side first. Seated db shrugs are one of my fav's. Hope this helps some.


  3. thanks, I was doing DB shrugs, Ive recently switched to DB shrugs with something called the farmers walk, for anyone who doesnt know - You basically just pick up the heaviest DB's you can and shrug them for a set walk to the other side of the gym and shrug another set and then walk back again and shrugg another set.

    I will try seated, and alternates though, thanks IV

  4. I like that, Farmers walk..........
    Try it on heavy DB Bicep day too, do a heavy set of 8-10 reps per arm and then walk across the gym and do another.
    Trap question got me baffeled, sorry. Dumbells seems like the only natural solution.

  5. Try this.  Dumbell shrugs, as was mentioned before, 60% of 1RM to failure then immediately grab a dumbell at 90% of 1RM and hold in up position for 60 seconds; this is one set and you do 5 sets total.  One the weaker side do the 90% but on the stronger side only do 80% on the "hold" position.  After you have done your 5 sets, grab the heavier dumbell (80% and 90% of 1RM) and do as many as you can to failure then immediately grab the lighter weight (60%) and hold for a 60 sec count.  This is a great shocking workout for traps.  I really think you'll see your weaker side catch up quickly this way.

  6. are you doing Deadlifts with an alternating grip? if so, that may be the source of the problem.


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