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  1. Thumbs up PLEASE critic....

    some people say you should onyl work a muscle group once a week but other say you need to work out a muscle group twice a week. Which is true?
    could someone please give me some links to threads that talk about these and the science behind it? thanks

    This is my current workout, please tell me if im doing too much and how i should improve my program.

    I do each exercise for 3 sets of around 5-8 reps

    MONDAY: (chest, tri and shoulder)
    Flat Bench (alternate with DB every week)
    Incline DB (alternate with bar every week)
    Cable cross over

    Weighted Dips (for tri)
    Close Grip bench
    kick back

    DB press (seated)
    Lateral DB raise
    Clean and Press

    TUESDAY: (back, bi and legs)
    Weighted Pull Up (alternate with wide grip pull down each week)
    Bent Over Row (alternate with seated row each week)
    Close Grip Pull Down

    Chin Up (for bi)
    Hammer Curl or EZY preacher

    Stiff Leg Dead lift

    Wednesday: (abs and chest and tri)
    flat bench

    close grip bench

    abs exercises

    Thursday: (back, bi and shoulder)
    weighted pull up
    bent over row

    chin up
    bar curl

    DB press
    Clean and Press

    Friday: (leg and ab)
    stiff leg dead lift

    abs exercises

    also i was thinking, if i spread out my whole body over three days, then on the fourth day i repeat what i was doing on the first day, (i.e. if i do chest/tri monday, back/bi on tuesday, shoulder/ab/leg on wednesday, then chest/tri again on thursday and for the next week i do back/bi on monday and repeat it on thursday and so on) will that be a better option than the current one?

    Also is my current volume good? need more? i feel thats all i need, but open to opinions.


  2. Noob,
    You are overtraining. Your schedule is setting you on a path for injury, or total muscular hypotrophy. Unless you are Superman- you will not see the results from all your work. There are so many workout schedules and routines -the most important thing is to understand in weight training there are two-sides to the coin- Ripping and Working Muscles and then the other side for recovery, rest and recuperation. First of all do you consider yourself at beginner, intermediate, or advanced level? What is your goal? Do you want to bulk-up or cut-up? Age? I know I am asking a lot of questions but I want to help you out but I can't give you any other advice right now until you tell me about yourself and the training goals. My knee-jerk reaction is that your training schedule needs some changes in order to make it worthwhile and beneficial for you. Thoughts?

  3. im 21 years old
    goal is to bulk up
    been training for few months now, around 5 months.

    im 172cm tall (around 5'6)
    83kg (around 182 pounds)
    diet relatively good (no junk food), but just worrying about my program at the moment
    body fat, a fair bit, but will deal with it after i bulk up.

    weight stats:
    Bench, Squat, dead lift 100kg (220 pounds)
    clean and press 60kg (132 pounds)

    Yeah, so my main aim is to really bulk up, that's why im doing all those compound exercises.

    thanks for any comments

  4. Quote Originally Posted by 2noob
    some people say you should onyl work a muscle group once a week but other say you need to work out a muscle group twice a week. Which is true?
    It honestly depends. If you go to the Hypertrophy research link in my sig you'll find discussion and studies touching on this subject. Put simply, for hypertrophy alone there's a reasonable amount of evidence that suggest two times a week is good, and some evidence that suggests a possible benefit to even high frequencies. For strength though it can vary, once a week can in fact work failry well. Max OT, a once a week program can give some good strength results and size results. There are so many variables involved anyone who claims a definitive answer either way is just mouthing off. It's whatever works for you, plain and simple.

  5. where's your signature? none at the bottom of yor post....hmmm

  6. Noob,
    CDB is right-on with his reply. We can throw around buzz words, toot our own horns, or and just flat out talk out of our ass because our head knows better. So short and sweet-here goes- there is no precise science or method to weight training regarding exercises, reps, sets, or amount of times a muscle should be trained during a weekly regimen. The key is for you to develop a balance with your physical and mental capacity to know what works best for you. I learn a new thing every week and I have been weight-lifting for over 16 years. It's never cut and dry. It's what best works for you. Good Luck!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by 2noob
    where's your signature? none at the bottom of yor post....hmmm
    It ain't there no more. Like waking up and discovering one of your nuts went to Alaska to make its fortune on most danerous catch.

    I think that's it, spelling migh be off comensurate with the amount of wine I've drunk.



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