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  1. Well, I went and did DLs yesterday and something definitely was wrong. So I spent the whole evening away from pr0n sites to verify proper form

    Finally, I *THINK* I know what I was doing wrong : A lot of people advise starting the lift with the shins touching the bar. Also, a lot of people advise gripping the bar WIDE. Well, that's what I was doing. As wide as for a bench press. The result is that at the beginning of the lift, to bring my spine flat, my ass was nearly touching the ground. I was completely scrounched up together... No wonder the poundages remained low.

    I guess the way you do it is you grab the bar so that your arms are only a little wider than your knees? That would have your thighs about parallel to the ground when you bring your spine into a flat/arched postition at the beginning of the lift...? Am I getting it right?

  2. hahaha, dude, u got me confused now.

    im pretty sure that i just use the same grip width as my flat bench press. like 2 or so feet apart?

    def. dont have the bar touch ur shins, u want it close, but not that close. just close enough so that u get a good stretch with the negative motion. dont let the weights slam off the floor each time u lower it. it should always be controlled. then explode up. when raising the weight, u should use ur lower back, hamstrings, upper traps, etc.

    push up with ur whole foot.

    some people just take longer to get the form down, dont worry itll come to u. but i def would stress that u need to practice proper form cuz u will bust ur $hit up pretty good.

  3. More like 3 feet apart, it seems. AHEM.



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