1. Squats

    I have a question regarding squats . . .I have trouble going deep on my squats. If I go too deep . . . I start to bend over to much, and my heels don't stay flat on the floor - I don't keep good form. I do more of a half squat. I have tried to go deeper, even without weight - I just physically can't do it, so . . . my question is . . . Should I put something under my heels? (I have been taught that that is not very good to do. I can go pretty deep with high heels
    on - hee hee - don't worry, I am female . . .)

    Anyway . . . any suggestion will help!

  2. inability to squat parallel or lower could be a couple of things. first, your calves might need more work. weak calves will decrease your flexibility in lunging and squating movements. second, its not a big deal for you to put a small plate or object under your heals when squatting. all that really does is put more emphasis on the front of the thighs and away from the hamstring and calves. simply put, its no contest whats better... deep squats having something under your heels or half squats (or what i like to call squ's....hehe). Calf work baby! Sage

  3. increase flexibility of calves, hamstrings, low back and hip flexors. once this is done you will be able to squat down all the way and find out which muscles need strengthening (usually the same ones that are tight) so then you can focus on these.

  4. Originally posted by crazypete
    increase flexibility of calves, hamstrings, low back and hip flexors.
    nice additions. well said. Sage

  5. IMO, you just aren't quite ready for squats. Gain leg strength doing leg presses; and hamstrings and lower back stability doing light weight deadlifts. Then come back to squats once you have gained more strength and stability in your lower body.

    BTW, welcome to the board.

  6. IMHO I wouldnt put anything under your heels. It puts alot of unwanted strain on your knees. Try spreading you legs out a bit farther and pointing your toes slightly outwards.



  7. Thanks guys. I will work on it - I am pretty strong in my legs especially my calfs (for a girl - hee hee), so I don't think it is a strength problem - I have been working on my flexability. I guess I will keep working on it. I love doing squats and I want to make sure I do them right. I have seen people get hurt from squats, so maybe it is all a mind thing for me.


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