Weighted Vests???

  1. Weighted Vests???

    Tried doing a search and didn't seem to find any threads pertaining to 'em.

    So... was wondering... are weighted vests any good?

    I don't really have access to a gym.

    I have a bench in my basement and some bar bells. That's about it. Friend knows someone who has more weights and a Bowflex machine and offered for me to come along to workout if I needed.

    Otherwise I've just been doing bench presses along with sit-ups and push-ups to try to get some conditioning back in. Seems hard to find the motivation to do a lot of working out these days since I let myself go.

    I was thinking the weighted vest would be good for some extra resistance while doing sit-ups and push-ups. And would be good for doing squats since the bench bar is a bit uncomfortable on the shoulders. Maybe even having a moderate amount of the weights in the vest while just doing normal activities throughout the day when I'm walking around or whatever.

    Don't know if it'd be too good on the knees to be wearing while jogging or running though.

    But for general conditioning, sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, etc... would it be good? Seems like the vests I've been able to look up on-line get to about 80-100lbs max depending on the brand.

  2. Instead of buying a vest I would buy plates for your barbell unless you have sufficient weight. You can do a ton of excercises with a barbell for all body parts. Just to name a few:

    Bench Press
    Bent Over Rows
    Military Press
    Skullcrushers or Tricep Extensions
    All Olympic lifts...

    Check out exrx.net for other excercises

  3. If you can afford it get a decent Squat/Bench rack and an incline bench and you'll be sorted, like bearmeat said there are an assload of exercises you can do with a barbell.

  4. Ultimately, I would spend my money on something else in order to maximize your lifting options like everyone else mentioned since you do not have access to a gym. However, just for information purposes, I think a weight vest can be worth the money depending on your goal but are most effective while using in a gym with some cardio machines. A friend of mine used it while walking (not running) on a treadmill, climbing the stairmaster and versa-climber. His diet was spot on and the results were pretty impressive. He lost a ton of weight, completely toned up and gained a lot of speed and endurance. He then concentrated on a clean bulk.

  5. When I hear the term weighted vests, I think to myself...."ouch, my joints!" I would never use one personally.

  6. I thought that at first as well but my friend was pretty intelligent at divising his plan. He started out with like 20 lbs in week one with short mileage walking / stair climbing and worked up to 100 lbs some 8 weeks later. No joint issues, no stress fractures in his feet or pain in his shins.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brent
    When I hear the term weighted vests, I think to myself...."ouch, my joints!" I would never use one personally.


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