Reps, sets, etc.

  1. Reps, sets, etc.

    hey guys,

    i'm an 18 years old and i've been lifting weights for three years now. I read a lot about trainning every day on the internet and i must admit i learned a lot about trainning since i began. However, some stuff is still totally unclear to me since everyone's not saying the same thing. Here's my question :

    i'm trainning right now 6 days a week
    day1 : chest and back
    2: legs
    3: deltoids, biceps and triceps.
    ( 2 mins between sets)
    My goal is to gain muscle mass.
    Should I train less often ? If yes, how could i manage to do all the exercice ? etc etc

    Thanks a lot !

  2. Diet will play a lot in your mass as well so make sure you hit that forum up and get that in check...

    I know most people don't work back and chest on the same day because both are large muscle groups that involve opposite muscles in the arms. Effectively this is a total upper body workout.

    1. Chest/bis or Chest/tris
    2. Shoulders/traps or Shoulders/calves
    3. Legs/forearms
    4. Back/tris or back/tris or back/traps
    Something like that or

    1. Chest
    2. Shoulders
    3. Arms
    4. Legs
    5. Back
    6. Calves/forearms
    7. Rest

    It can be done a million ways but you want to keep a decent amount of rest between body parts and you don't want to work too many large body parts together.

    Reps and sets are also varied but I would say average is 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps with varying total sets for body parts as well. Some swear by 6-9 total sets and others up to 18 total sets.

    A lot will be dependant on your genetics, recovery time, diet and intensity while training. You can't take someone's workout and expect the same results if they rest 5 minutes between sets or are balls to the wall in intensity if you don't have the same alignment. Search some and find out more and see peope who have your type of frame/build but it will take trial and error to get dialed in on what works for you.

    Good luck man.

  3. Personally I think you might be over training. What are your stats?/ Height and weight and BF%. 6 days a week is a lot of lifting. It looks like from your routine you hit every body part twice a week. Unless you are on gear or you recover extremley quickly or you only do a few sets per body part, I think you are either over training, or you are going to be over training very soon.
    Jayhawkk is right, every one's body is different what what works for someone else is going to necessarily work for you. The one thing that is pretty consistent is diet. Depending on your metabolism body frame and body type, you are going to have to adjust your diet accordingly. If you are naturally very lean and find it hard to put on size you are going to have to make eating your job, or, if you put on mass easily but store extra weight as fat easily your diet is going to be a little more strict and fine tuned to see the results you want. ( There is one body type in between called "Mesomorph" which puts on muscle easily and adds minimal amount of fat. These are the guys that look at a weight and gain muscle.) But for the sake of this and the likelihod that you are most likely to be an "Ectmorph" (very lean and hard to gain size), or an "Endomorph" (puts on weight and fat easily) is more likely.
    You first need to figure out how many calories a day you need to maintain your current bodyweight, at your current activity level, and adjust accordingly. If you want to add size, you consume more calories than you metabolize in a day, or if you want to lose fat, you consume less calories a day than you metabolize.
    Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat are the three macro nutrients you should be most concerned about. I believe the recommened amount of carbs a day is around 2.5g per pound of bodyweight, and protein is around 1-1.5 per pound of bodyweight. (Anyone correct me if I am wrong, thanks!)
    Your goals for your body are going to determine what type of training regimen you follow in the weight room. If you are looking for speed and power and strength, you would follow something close to a power lifters type of work outs. If your main goals was strength, you would probably want to stay below 8 reps on mose exercises, and if your main goal was muscle size, you would want to stay above 6 reps is most cases.
    This was just meant to steer you in the right direction, and it is not all inclusive by any means. If anyone else has anything to add or correct please do , I won't be offended, and besides, I know you will anways.

  4. IMHO 3 full body workouts a week, lasting no longer than an hour, utilizing 3x10 is good for just about anyone, rests should be 1 min. between sets and 2 min. between exercises almost impossible to overtrain that way.

  5. i've been doing back+chest on one day and then delts, traps, bi+tri on the the other day.

    then i squat on one of those two days. i've been doing this for about a month.

    for anyone interested, this had not lead to overtraining of bi+tri muscles. in fact, at 160 pounds, i set a personal best of 175lbs. barbell incline. did 6 on my own. i think what is really happening, is that the bi+tri not only are not getting overtrained, they are actually getting stronger making it easier to make personal bests on both lats (bi) & chest (tri).

    people who want to improve on chest strength and/or size.........or lat strength and/or size might want to give this split a go. however, it should be noted, that my deadlifts suck. they sucked b4 i changed my form, and they still suck. So i'm just thinking, if you are in my kind of a situation it will probably work, and if you are not in my kind of situation, then i have no idea if it will work or not.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Knowbull
    IMHO 3 full body workouts a week, lasting no longer than an hour, utilizing 3x10 is good for just about anyone, rests should be 1 min. between sets and 2 min. between exercises almost impossible to overtrain that way.
    Except you have to take into account anything physical he is doing outside of weight lifting. He could be involved with sports or do other activities that take a lot out of him.


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