Men needed for exercise research

Researchers at the University of Bath are looking for male volunteers to take part in a project aimed at measuring the health benefits of exercise.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) funded project will try to determine to what extent physical activity can protect against cardiovascular disease.

Volunteers need to be aged between 45 and 64 and not very active.

The results will be used to contribute to future heart-health advice helping to fight heart and circulatory disease.

"We are appealing for local men to volunteer their time and increase their levels of physical activity," said Dr Dylan Thompson, senior lecturer at the University of Bath's School for Health.

Personal feedback

"Not only is this an opportunity for you to get more active and improve you health, it is a way of helping us to develop treatments that will capture some of the benefits of exercise for preventing heart disease for patients who are unable to be physically active because they may be disabled or bedridden."

Participants will receive free access to the exercise facilities at the University of Bath and will be helped to gradually increase their physical activity over a 24 week period.

The men will be placed into either an exercise group or a lifestyle maintenance group.

Men in the lifestyle maintenance group will be given the same access to these facilities and personal advice at the end of their 24 week period. All men will receive personal feedback on their results at the end of the study.

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