Power-Mass Training

  1. Power-Mass Training

    In the book Ironmans ultimate bodybuilding encyclopedia there is a chapter called "training for mass" which has different articles compiled from over time, starting with arnold talking about "the golden six" which he basically says do 3 sets of 6 excersises(heavy compound movements) spread over the whole body(basically) 3 times a week....than Larry Scott gives a similiar program, both a full body workout 3 times a week, than yet another article with the same concept, doing a select few heavy compound movements which work the major muscles(full body) 3 times a week every other day.

    Well im thinking of trying this type of training, were i work out monday,wed,friday and do a full body workout hitting the major muscle groups, actually im concerned with over training, as im not sure 1 day rest is enough, thats one question i have for you guys.

    Another thing ive considered is monday do the basic compound movements like squat and bench on monday and friday but slightly modifying it on wednsday to hit different angles as to help overtraining and hit a broader range...of course with the big movements your gonna work it all out, but i mean like military press for shoulder one day, than behind the neck for the other, and incline bench one day, decline or flat another, and my legs need major work, i know squats are best, but they hit the quads more than the hams and glutes, so im thinking of alternating squats for smith machine lunges, which are hella brutal, but no one seems to think lunges are any good

    Looking for crits or suggestions, im looking to put on mass right now, and this seems to be a very debatable workout program. People either love it or hate it, but most havent even tried it.


  2. Hey- Your basically saying you want to try something like DC training, which if you go to the powerlifting strongman section you can read a bunch of different logs that are trying different variations of it. Good luck, and one rest day would be fine, except I wouldn't do total body, I would split it into upper and lower and switch it every other day...


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