Chest & Shoulders on same day?

  1. Chest & Shoulders on same day?

    Currently my WO routine has Shoulders & Chest the same day, it was ok in the beginning but now that im lifting alot more heavy, I find it very tiring, too soon. Should I train them seperately?

  2. If you're tiring then i would suggest putting them on another day. My Shoulders and traps are on a day to themselves because combining them on chest day was causing some severe pain. One of the problems seemed to be overpowerinf my front delts forcing them to be out of alignment.

    Any time I feel too weakened for more than 2 workouts I change them up.

  3. I hit shoulders with one of my leg days. Chest and tri's for me.

  4. Thanks guys, I think since Im already working out 4 days a week Ill add one of them to Leg day, Prolly chest as I do 2 sets for them.

  5. I work a 4 day split and it is going great for me.

    I do Chest and Bis on Monday. Shoulders and traps on Weds. Back and Tris on Friday. Legs and Core/Abs on Sunday.

    I feel this is best for me and for Weds I just look at it like a shorter lifting day. I feel shoulders should have their own day and so should legs. Mainly because legs is a very intense lifting day and if you're not drained after a good leg workout something is not right.

    Also, just to add to the discussion, doing Bis on Chest and Tris on Back day has been amazing. I'm able to accomplish a intensity I never was able to do when doing bis on back day and tris on chest day. Makes sense.

  6. I currently work chest and shoulders on the same day, but I've run into the same prob. By the time I get past shoulder presses and into delt work I am pretty busted. I'm thinking about combining chest and tris for awhile.

  7. i've been doing the same split (chest/shoulder) for about six month now... i notice the same thing.. i'm beat after my chest routine and my shoulder workout was less then par. so i'm giving my shoulder a day all there own.. seems to be working better... shoulders still need more work, by my standards... time and patience... though..

  8. I do chest/bis back/tris when I have time or days to get a solid work out but I have found if i'm short on time or lose workout days I will do chest/tris back/bis to get better use of the limited time.


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