Looking for Fresh Training Routines

  1. Looking for Fresh Training Routines

    Hello all , as you all might know , im RaulJimenez, 20 years old, current weight 175lbs with 9%-10% BF , currently doing a BULKING DIET , im using a 3 day split training style now after a 4 day split a while back, im a natty so I look for amplious recovery and Im a hardgainer, all my life i've been a 120lbs hardgainer at 5'8" . Since pete told me maybe I could start a thread that would make us put different training methods and styles that would help us become our best , I decided to jump start this thread, I was using a chest/shoulder/tricep , legs then Back,bicep but would like another fresh style routine for my new 4th week cycle routine, if anyone can help and start putting more information for this board it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. here's a routine i put up for satan with some tweaks

    THE MAIN POINT TO REMEMBER IS TO REALLY FOCUS ON FORM AND IF IT IS JUST 0.1% OFF, THEN TERMINATE YOUR SET. you will gain in the short term by doing this and a lot more in the long term. if you somehow push up a lot of weight with shoddy form, it doesn't count, your just fooling yourself and asking for an injury (this is not directed at anyone in particular, just a general caution), SO NO ABSOLUTE MUSCLE FAILURE

    - match horizontal back exercises with chest, and vertical back with shoulders. do the weak one first and do more volume for the weak part. or you could put pushing and pulling exercises in different workouts.

    - do a quad day and a hamstrings day. whichever is the weak part will be done first in the week

    - for quads you can do one legged squats with the rear leg on the bench, this is great for balance and strength. do the weak side first.

    sample workout (assumption that low back, hamstrings, upper back are weaker than opposing muscles - this is true for most people)

    day 1: hamstrings, calves and lower abs
    bent leg deadlift (powerlifting type) 5x5 - no need to go to failure here or you might not finish; romanian deadlift 2x8-12 - low weight, really feel the stretch in the hamstrings and work on form and time under tension 3 seconds down, 2 up, if you are advanced, try a good morning instead; 2x6-8 leg curls if you want as heavy as you can handle for the reps at 1 second up (explosive), pause, 4 seconds down;standing calf raises 2x8-10 with 1 second up, 3 seconds down, superset these with hanging leg raises (make sure you tilt your pelvis and not just lift your legs - kind of like when you are thrusting during sex!) if you can't keep your legs straight then bend the knees - 2xas many reps as you can, add a set on week 3, then change your program (ask nicely, i'm not charging till i get my CSCS later this year)

    day 2: chest, horizontal back, external rotators, upper abs, biceps
    external rotators 2x10-12, add a set a week (find an exercise, but do this first before the row and pressing); bent over row 5x8-12 supersetted with incline db press 2x8-12 and 2x8-12 flat bench - so row, incline db, row, incline db, row, bench, row, bench, row - take 3-4 seconds to lower weight and 1-2 to lift (lift faster if you want more performance gains or are advanced, slower if you want size or are not advanced - this will allow you to use better form and really teach your muscles proper movement); standing db curls supersetted with crunches 2x8-12 add a set on week 3, if you can do more than 12 crunches, either you are cheating or your upper abs are strong, so find a way to make them harder, i use a medicine ball held out in my arms extented straight up over my head - parallel to floor at start; if your upper back is weaker than chest, do an extra 2-3 sets of rows with the opposite motion of the bench - keep your elbows up, the arms should be parallel to the floor the whole time if you use a machine with a chest pad (can also be done on t-bar row with chest pad) and the line of pull will be right through your shoulders, grip overhand wide so that forearms are parallel to each other at end of movement (about 3.5 feet between index fingers for me), the idea is to pull your shoulder blades together and keep pulling through, this will eliminate some of the shoulders forward posture most have, really focus on feeling the movement, we are not worried about the weight so much here, 3 seconds up and 3 down, 8-12 reps, whatever you want

    day3: off

    day4: quads, calves, lower back, obliques, traps
    one legged squats with other leg back on bench, do weaker leg first, you will know by the end of the first set which it is , if the difference is big, do two less reps per set with strong leg, 4 sets x 10 reps 3 seconds down, 3 seconds up, if you can do all 4 sets then hold dumbells, but i really want you to focus on engraining the movement into muscle memory, in the long term this will help you squat a lot, don't worry, there are short term benefits too; front squats 2x8-12 reps, add a set week3 if you want, 3 seconds down, 3 up; seated calf raise 2x8-12 supersetted with supermans same reps (lie down face first, stretch arms over head, then lift upper body and lower body at same time - your flying like superman - try to hold for 2 seconds, if your from fails, stop the set) add a set every 2 weeks; dumbell shrug supersetted with standing side crunches 2x8, shrugs fast up, slow down - read shrug thread, side crunches, grab dumbell in one hand, go full range side to side using your obliques 3 seconds each way, do other side, really watch that your range of motion is only due to lower torso bending sideways while all other parts stay still relative to each other. add a set week3

    day5: shoulders, vertical back, twisting abs, external rotators, triceps
    external rotators 3x8-12, different exercise than on day2; pullup or chin supersetted with db press, 4xas many pullup as you can do - if more than 10 on last set, hold db between thighs for added resistance, db press 3x8-12, 1-2seconds up, 3-4 dwn for both; lateral raise 2x8-10 3 seconds both ways, add a set on week3, superset with dips for tris - same speed, keep body vertical and head up, shoulders back, pay attention to the position that hits your tris best, its alittle different in everyone; russian twist - hold a dumbell in your hands while you sit on the floor, your upper body should be about 90 degrees to your thighs, knees bent, slowly move the db side to side bending around the waist, 3 seconds each way, use lower weight than you think you need, 2-3 sets is good

    day6: off

    day7: off

    notes: obviously you must not have any problems/injuries; warm up for 10 min before, do one or two warm up sets with less weight to get feel, also use less reps than work sets so you don't tire out; stretch after training, basically tight parts, which tend to be chest, low back, hams, calves, hip flexors (i'll post specifics if anyone wants), cool down with light cardio for 10 min, ie: walking quickly; finally FORM IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WEIGHT LIFTED

    i think this is a great routine for building muscle, developing coordination and bilateral muscle balance

    cheers, pete

  3. I started something new about 3 mos ago with my partner at work and it seems to be working for us. We train one body part every seven days to failure.
    Example of chest day.

    Flat bench
    135x10 warm up
    135x10 warm up
    Here is where it gets tough, after we get here we go back down to 225 and do 10 sets of 10. (the last 3 or 4 sets are terrible, but we go to failure)
    I seems like alot of reps but it seems to be helping me with my stamina, and getting pumps like no other...
    Roughly 120(+-) seconds between sets

    Incline dumbell bench
    4 sets of [email protected] 100lb DB
    The following week we start with incline DB first with something similar to the above schedule.

    Wide grip dips
    4 sets of whatever you can get.

    4 sets of cable crossovers or flys

    I train abs everyday on my second break (just drop in the fitness center for 20 minutes)

    Im sure this schedule will catch up to me in the long run but it has been making me stronger and leaner. I have always been a high rep guy i guess. We have been training m-f and taking the weekends off.

    That is a great routine for all around balance, i like it.

    This type of training has helped me gain alot of size too, my body responds well to the long rest period, it just requires alot more time in the gym IMO.
    Preety basic but its been working for me
    1. chest
    2. legs
    3. arms
    4. shoulders
    5. back
    Abs daily (on break)

  4. Originally posted by RaulJimenez
    Since pete told me maybe I could start a thread that would make us put different training methods and styles that would help us become our best...
    you're talking about Training Styles ? or outlining some sample routines, as diesel and pete have done... the actual routines themselves tend to be so tailored to the individual it can be hard I think to get so specific, but it's still a good idea to see what exactly has been working for people I suppose.

  5. Yeah that i think is the purpose of this thread, what has worked for "specific" people, because we know not every program is perfect, we adapt and turn things around to spice our workouts and make it "work", but i want to see sample routines from everyone in here, would be great for discussion.

  6. hey, i tried not to tailor my routine to any individual (that's it biggin, you're not getting any of the CPT money! just kidding) in all seriousness, the routine i posted was to be balanced so that weak parts would be trained at least as much as anything else. ideally if knew exactly what was weak and strong, i would drop out sets for the strong parts and add for weak ones. anyone can do this quite easily if they are just honest to themselves (trust me its hard, i fight a losing battle with my ego all the time). you will see that weak parts will really respond well if you do it right and your other parts will also get stronger even though you worked them less. i also find that using something like incline db press on the stability ball really helps my bench, just lower slowly and under total control.

    raul, any training style can be adapted to your personal needs and you can make it work for you. the key is to know what you want and then figure out how to get there. all to often i have seen people go about it the other way. remember there are rarely absolute answers. for example romainian deads are better than leg curls, but good mornings are better than romainian deads. however, if you don't do it right, it may well be that leg curls are more effective for you than good mornings. not because they are more effective for you, but because you do not know how to make the good morning effective. the same could apply to doing the same exercise in different ways, ie: loading that would achieve different rep brackets could be seen as one loading is better than another (ie: one rep range works better), when really it was related to the time under tension or the tempo used (the two are interrelated). this can be brokendown to the different parts of each rep: concentric, pause at top, eccentric, pause at bottom, and these will all influence amount of reps you can do at a given weight and it is the relationships between all these factors that is important to optimize, this is part of how we get a better program and tailor it to individual needs in addition to focusing on weak spots and working on flexibility to help facilitate strength gains. this explains why tempo is important. it also explains all the different training effects we can get using similar rep schemes but different tempos and how we can easily tailor a program towards sports performance or towards bodybuilding.

    cheers, pete


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