new variation of GVT

  1. new variation of GVT

    here's a new version of GVT:

    as always take t-mag articles regarding supps with a grain of salt

    i will present my own tweaked version of this soon. i like the priciples and in my humble opinion i hope to improve on them

    cheers, pete

  2. wow!!!!! Jo Shmo becomes Vin Diesel

  3. he gained 5 lbs of muscle and lost 30 lbs of fat in 14 weeks, not exactly that hard considering he probably knows what he is doing. i assume that he let himself go before, so even the 5lb gain could be muscle he previously had. not that i'm unimpressed, just that it is possible. besides, hes bigger than vin diesel. jokes.

  4. side by side comparison vin vs his half brother
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  5. OVT eh. interesting. looking forward to your tweaky tweak version, CPT (CrazyPeteTraining)

  6. The program itself is decent--ive been doing it for the past four weeks--but that guys transformation wsa based mostly on diet--over on AU there is a link to that guys story--he did variations of ckd, something else and a proogram by swole cat--if you want to check it out i think the title of the thread is swolecat makes t-mag, or something like that
    i can tell you the ovt makes you damn sore, but i first saw the program in here under the thread about phs and gvt, someon suggested it on there

  7. His last four weeks were done following Swolecat's advice. You'll see this if you read his orignal article were mentions a contest prep guru named Chris. If you are intrested in ripping down or bulking up check out his site:

  8. Hey pete do you think a natural could go GVT without having to worry about overtraining !? that looks like freaky volume.

  9. sure, i'm natural and have done it. the key to success is to eat lots, sleep lots, have a good diet strategy, keep all other stresses to a minumum. it is freaky volume, but you only use about 60% of 1RM. that said overtraining is a concern for those with busy schedules. i wake up and sit in lectures all morning so my stress level is very low, the only activity i do when on such a program is the workouts themselves. this is no time for cardio. however, many naturals find they can make similar gains with as little as 5 sets per body part, so why bother doing 10 and then accesory exercise.

    i will post a diet routine and suggestions for naturals who want to do GVT.

  10. Sure im up for all on GVT, I'm probably trying it for a 4 week cycle before switching to a low rep/high intensity training similar to MAX-OT but with supersets and fascia stretching.

  11. i would prefer you go through a balancing type routine before starting GVT, it will help the GVT be more effective. the max ot type after GVT is a ggod idea. once again i have my own variation to suit my individual needs (its nice to be able to customize routines to fit your body). also a half week to a week break between routines is a good thing, definately a week after GVT. after the maxot you could do a max strength workout, then CPT (thanks biggin, if i make money off that copyright i'll kick you some flow ). then i would recomend you do ian king's workouts as outlined in t-mag (by then you will have had a chance to read and absorb his stuff). damn that's 11 months plus the breaks it will be more than a years worth of program. btw if anyone has read king or poliquin, you will see the influence/plagarism

    otherwise, you could do king's routine now and then in 3 months do GVT (i would recomend this option if you are not intimidated or laughing at his routine, if not, proceed as outlined above, should work wonders) if you are interested in the long term, go with king, he tries to teach you to do it yourself, poliquin doles out as little advice as possible and is more short term based. both are excellent coaches. hell, they're the best. if you read enough of their work, you will realize that they have a similar approach - eliminate imbalances, then sock it to the muscles.

    cheers, pete

  12. Ahhh great, Im gonna go to t-mag and read those ian king articles !!! , but yes im planning to do a Max-OT for strength and size gains, then complement it after 6 weeks with 2 weeks or 3 of GVT and then go to IANS KING METHOD as I finish reading it, thanks for everything crazypete , if anything else let me know im all ears.

  13. MAN!!...those sets with no rest intervals are gonna be a gold-plated sumbitch

    looks like this program is cardio all by its self
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  14. raul, if your going to do GVT, you got to give it 6 weeks

    LG, now you know why i want to modify it

    cheers, pete


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