TUT-Time Under Tension - It Works!

  1. TUT-Time Under Tension - It Works!

    My workout groups switched over to a TUT-emphasizing chest workout for the last 6 weeks and the results have been amazing. Our set looked like follows:

    Machine Fly's - Drop Set - 150/130/112.5 x 8/6/4 with 3 second negative, 2 second positive and 2 second hold & squeeze together. 2 sets

    Incline Barbell Press - Drop Set - 245/225/205 x 8/6/4 with 5 second negative and explosive push-up. This set hurts!! 2 sets.

    Flat bench Barbell press - Interval Set - 80/70. 5 second negative rep and explosive push-up. Try for 8 reps, rest 20 seconds, try for 4-5, rest 20 seconds, and try for 2-3, but on last rep, hold at mid-point for 20 seconds. 2 sets. First set with 80's and second with 70's.

    Time Under Tension - Using 35 lb. dumbbell, hold it at the halfway point of repetition for 1 minute. ( I started out at 20 lbs. for 50 seconds and now can do 35lbs. for 2 minutes!!)

    Weighted Push-Ups - Drop Set - 45/35/25/10 - Using push-up bars, put weight on back (secure with velcro strap like me or belt) and proceed to rep out as many pushups as you can at 45 - go down to floor and stop when you are halfway up, hold for 3 seconds, and again come up and right back down to floor, coming again to halfway and holding 3 seconds. When you've done as many as you can with 45, rest 30 seconds, then do 35, then 25, then 10. (When I started, I could do barely 12 reps with just the 10! Now I can do a 20/15/10/5 split usually) - 1 set.

    Smith Machine Blowouts - 135 lbs. (rep out as many reps as you possibly can as fast as you can... looking for speed and explosiveness!) This is hard as hell after all the above!! anything over 15 reps and you haven't done the above hard enough!! - 1 set.

    After hitting a serious lifting plateau after 3 years of 5 day/week lifting, this workout has again pushed me over the edge again and I am now seeing more strength and growth.

    I am VERY pleased!!!! We have tons more exercises for other body parts, but I wanted to share the chest one because it is a killer!!

    Soon - I'll be here: :bb3:

  2. I've used it plenty of times and I agree that it works tremendously. Implementing it with squats makes you almost wanna pass out aferwards!

  3. Definetely something I'm going to need to do in the future.

  4. I'm in the process of slowly transitioning other body parts into this routine... it just hurts so freaking badly that it takes time to transition entirely to this workout..

  5. I've found doing it too much is a definite injury waiting. I now do a couple bodyparts at a time. I love it.



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