Full extension or 3/4 extension ?

  1. Full extension or 3/4 extension ?

    I have a question about extensions and contractions of the muscle..
    Lets say on a curl, either barbell or dumbell. I have always done a full extension all the way until the muscle is fully extended .. and all the way up until I can go no futher.
    Well today, My friend who is a pretty big guy got me to workout with him, and he put me through a pretty tough workout. But what I questions is this..
    He only does 3/4 extension down, and 3/4 contraction up..
    I have seem several people do this, but I have also seen people tear there muscle doing it this way. I myself, like to do a complete extension of the muscle, and then when bringing it back up, I like to bring it all the way up.. Not 3/4...
    So My question is,,, What is right and what is wrong, or are the both ok ? What does one do that the other does not ?
    I have searched a few pages on here, and have not found anything that goes into much detail about this.
    I looked at these links.
    Weight Lifting Workout Choices

    Weight Lifting Basics

    Weight Lifting Programs

    And I watched a video of a body builder do it with full extensions and contractions. And they were also very slow and controlled motions.
    That is how I like to lift. Anyway, I would like to see what your opinion is, and what info can you offer me.
    And, am I on the right track with the full extensions or should I go with the 3/4 extensions ?


  2. Know body knows ? Or is it just personal preference (SP) ?
    Come on, 11 views and no one knows or has an opinion ?
    I am just curious and wanting to know if what he is doing is right or wrong ?

  3. Its fine if you fully extend, just make sure your not 'locking' out the joint which the muscle is connected. If your doing curls or skullcrushers, just make sure you dont extend the muscle too much as to 'lock' out.

    I always fully extend, making a fuller range of motion with whatever muscle that I am working.

  4. Thanks for the info ... Is there any reason why you do it that way verses 3/4 ?

    Just trying to compare what people think and are doing..

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Stinger124
    Thanks for the info ... Is there any reason why you do it that way verses 3/4 ?

    Just trying to compare what people think and are doing..
    Whatever muscle I happening to be working, I like to have a full range of motion. Dont know why, its just me.



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