Routine during a Pheraplex/X-factor cycle

  1. Routine during a Pheraplex/X-factor cycle

    I plan on running a pheraplex/x-factor cycle in august, currently bulking at 4500-5000 calories a day, come august i plan to bump em to 5500-6000, is these a good idea for a split or no? can a body on these substances handle this load?

    monday- Tricep/Bicep
    Tuesday- Shoulders/Forearms
    Wednesday- Chest/back
    Thursday- Legs
    Friday- Tricep/Bicep
    Saturday- Shoulders/Forearms

    now i would either continue this pattern or would sunday be another chest/back... or would that put to much on the tricep/bicep for monday? What reps because i was gonna go with 6-8.

    also in PCT i would want to drop this routine back to 1x per bodypart a week correct?

  2. What kind of intensity and workload are you planning for each workout?

  3. I was planning on going 4-5 sets, 2-3minutes rest, high intensity, possibly not as high the 2nd day during the week? i dont know, got any ideas?

  4. IMO, the only way to pull off these everything 2x a week routines is to lower your volume significantly, 2-3 works sets per body part. And then have your second day be significantly lighter.

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