Just started a new routine 2 weeks ago and I'm really liking it so far. Basically what I'm doing is working out 3 days / week, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and doing full body workouts each time. I'll start with deadlifts or cleans, then I'll superset chest / back, legs / shoulders, and as of now I'm doing incline db curls supersetted with cable curls for my bis, since they need work, and my tris are a strong point, but normally I'd superset bis and tris. Each week I'll do one workout w/ 4x5reps, one workout w/ 3x10reps, and one w/ 2x15 reps, with the tempo of 4/2. The thing is, the workout varies so much because I basically pick any exercise per bodypart that I want to do. I always start off deads or cleans or db snatches though, and I try to do a lot of incline, and a lot of lat pulldowns and seated cable rows because they work well for me. What's so good about this for me is it keeps my heartrate up with the supersets, and my workout is always varied, so my muscles are in constant shock. I've been shedding fat at an amazing rate with this workout and ECY supplementation.