1. Stretching...

    Just read in Men's Fitness that stretching (depending on the kind of stretches done) before working out or playing sports can actually encourage injury?!?
    Let me ask you guys (and gals) many of you stretch before and/or after a workout. Now I find myself questioning whether there really are benefits to stretching or is this just another myth that has never been justified?!?

  2. Yep I read this ages ago so can't remember specifics, but essentially most injurys occur in the normal range of motion. doesn't mean don't warm up though

  3. I strech a bit just to get the ol' joints and ligaments warmed up, in addition to doing a light weight warmup set before getting downt o business. I have a book that talks about streching before exercise to increase muscle hypertrophy. It lists a number of experiments down with mice, and the ones that endured a streching regime before hand developed more muscle mass.

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