Alright, for one I'v been lifting for about 2 years now and my max stoped going up, im 16 5'10'' 138lbs somewhat skinny, my max is 200, is their any routines that can help inprove my max with out really gainning weight??? The routine I do now I think im over trainning but im not sore after Im done I bench 135 10x2, 145 10x1,155 8x4,165 6x2, and 175 4x1, then i go into a decline of 135 10x1(wide grip), then I do incline 135 5x1, then I do dips 10x3, I do EzBar extensions where I pull it from the floor to my chest and back down 8x3, then I do raises with a 35 lbs plate 8x2, still using the plate I do standing extensions 10x3,then some dumbell fly's with 20lbs 8x2 and to finish it of I to ExBar curls with 63 10x2 move it up to 173 6x3 and to normal dumbell curls at 10 reps untill failure. Is this pushing it far? and if thiers a better routine that will help just improve my over all upper body? I also work my back and legs but this is the mean part I would like to improve.... Thank you TJ