Knee pain

  1. Knee pain


    I'm lifting about 2 years, I made incredible improvement in squat and legs in general.

    In the last couple of months, after the squat exercise, I feel the knees very painful, I checked my technique with couple of trainers and they told me that my technique in the legs is good but the back isn't straight as well because my erector spinae isn't strong enough.

    Today I lift 190Kgs 10RM ~ 418lbs

    I considering of taking glucosamine, but I dont know if it's helps

    Any opinions?

  2. Is it joint pain or Real Pain? If you joints are hurting I'd recommend CissusRX that is some good stuff, if it's "pain" you should probably get an MRI done to make sure you are not damaging it more.
    Are these trainers Weekend cert trainers or real trainers? If your doing quarter or half (depending on your veiwpoint) squats, they are tougher on your knees then a full squat (stress at turn around). If your not going full range of motion that would be my first change.

  3. No, I do 70 degrees squat, before I did 90 degrees, but I want to make easier on my knees.

    I donno how to figure out the pain, the pain is in the middle of the knee, if I'll touch now the knee I wouldnt feel any pain, but the pain is only after the set. and I feel the pain again in the leg extention exercise.

    I talked with the trainers and they told me that this kind of pain is common in body builers/power lifters whos do squat exercise.

  4. I have been doing squats for a long time now and have never had any pain in my knees (knock on wood)

    i would get it checked out by a Dr. folks I know who have had knee pain have had some type of injury. Since it is continuing to give you problems I would lighten my poundage or switch to another exercise for awhile.
    Probably would be a good break anyway. Good luck.

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