So You Want To Be Truly Huge?

  1. Lightbulb So You Want To Be Truly Huge?

    I got this over the internet . . . what do you guys think?

    by Mr. Olympia 2015

    Before I start this I just want to give you some background on me so you
    know the info I'm giving you is legit. I'm a natural trainer (no steroids)
    and I'm a competitive bodybuilder. I'm also a Physical therapy major so
    I have background in training. In the last year I've put on roughly 35
    lbs. of quality muscle from hard training and stuffing my face. My
    genetics are decent, my gains, however, I know have been brought out by
    hard training and plenty of calories. That said, let's get started!

    There are 3 very simple rules that I believe everyone should follow to
    stimulate massive gains in muscle growth as well as strength. Here
    they are:
    1) Do SQUATS!
    2) Do DEADLIFTS!
    3) Follow the first two rules!
    I can hear the moans and groans of every trainer out there who goes
    into the gym every day and does only bench pressing and curls. I
    have three words for you: DEAL WITH IT! The Truly Huge and
    hardcore trainers know that these are the ultimate lifts for stimulating
    major gains.

    Here's why: Both squats and deadlifts work more than 80% of your
    ENTIRE BODY! That's right. Squats work your quads, hamstrings,
    glutes, lower back, abs, traps, shoulders, and they stretch out your
    pecs and contract your lats and to a lesser degree your arms and
    calves are stabilizers. Deadlifts hit your lower back, lats, traps
    (this is so effective that I don't have to do shrugs), quads,
    hamstrings, glutes, abs, stretches your biceps, hits your forearms
    and calves are stabilizers. WOW! That's pretty much your whole
    body! Yeah, it is.

    The best way to get the most out of these exercises is to train
    them heavy! Very heavy! These exercises have also been shown
    to stimulate testosterone production, very important for anyone
    who's natural. I gained 35 lbs. of muscle because I put emphasis on
    these two exercises (I did other stuff to bring out some degree of
    quality muscle, though). I make sure everything gets hit just as
    hard so I can be proportional when I compete. That's it, that's all it
    takes. Oh yeah, one last note: don't pay any mind to how
    bodybuilding magazines say you should squat and deadlift. Squat
    like a powerlifter (bar is lower on back, and legs are in a wider
    stance) or whatever you feel most comfortable in. The same goes
    with deadlifts (I actually feel more comfortable and stronger with
    my legs closer together). Magazines will say that powerlifting
    techniques (with the exception of momentum usage and suits) will
    not stimulate muscle growth... well, I have a question for them...
    Have you ever seen a small powerlifter?

    Enjoy, sort of.

  2. pretty weak. sure squats and deadlifts are great exercises (they are even my two favourite ones), but what else does this article give us? nothing. and i don't have any emg studies on hand, but i'm sure that neither exercise activates the chest much and it doesn't address concerns over decreased training effectiveness over time.

    any beginner can pack on 30-40 lbs in the first year if they train right and eat properly, but the fact is that even most of us that know almost everything usually don't do things optimally either (hell i pulled my hamstring 2 hrs ago, i should know better).

    yes, learning the proper form for these two exercises will help one go a long way, but so will understanding how flexibility and muscle balance play a role. a very big role. ultimately, this article which seems to be aimed at beginners is very poor in that it ignores many crucial aspects of successfully obtaining ones physique goals whatever they may be. if squats, deadlifts and 'stuffing your face' were the be all and end all in strength and size training, i would be mr olympia and the best powerlifter. we all know i'm not.

    oh yeah, what about form? over 90% of the people who do squat and deadlift have no clue how to do it properly. such a program would likely lead to injury and not 35 lbs of muscle. and would one gain 35 the next year naturally? NO WAY

    cheers, pete

  3. Agree with Pete. 35 pounds of muscle in a year naturally is not possible.



  4. I gained 35lbs my first year training, and naturally at that. But it was definately NOT 35lbs of PURE MUSCLE. That would be insane.

    Squats and deads definately are key to building a massive physique - but so are benches and curls, and every other excercise done RIGHT.

    I dont care how much you study and read, its going to take a while to learn how your body reacts to different training methods and various diets, and to get the proper 'feel' for lifting. At least a year.

    Everyone always wants a 'get huge and ripped' quick scheme, or some kind of magic supp. or pill that will do the work for them. Its just not going to happen. Training, diet, rest, and CONSISTENCY OVER TIME are the keys to getting the body you want.

    What the hell. Everyone on this board knows this.


  5. yeah, although i put on 20 lbs of PURE CANADIAN MUSCLE in 5 months last summer. i worked out 4 times every six days, ate 6-8 times a day while working 70 and 80+ hour weeks and windsurfing whenever the wind blew. the reason i was successful was that i would only do 5-7 sets per body part (i don't use anabolics so no point in overtraining). i only realized this a few months ago when i looked back and analyzed my workouts. for the record i used creatine and whey after the workout along with loads of gatorade for sugar (i use pure dextrose now, its the cheapest thing i can find, just pennies a day).

    don't ask me what i ate, i don't have a clue, but since i was at home for the summer, mom made sure i didn't touch junk food (by the way her definition of junk is a little stricter than the hardest core nutritionist).

    cheers, pete

  6. yeah, although i put on 20 lbs of PURE CANADIAN MUSCLE in 5 months last summer.
    With the current exchange rate, does that equal 13.7542 lbs of Pure American Muscle?

    Just bustin'


  7. Originally posted by BigVrunga

    With the current exchange rate, does that equal 13.7542 lbs of Pure American Muscle?



  8. Originally posted by New Body

    That's it, that's all it
    er, uh... no
  9. :)


    You know Im just pickin' brother - Canada rules.


  10. I thought he made it sound too easy. Thanks guys.

  11. well yeah, I think emphasis on the basics is the only way to really get the point across that first and foremost, that's the foundation for a successful bodybuilding endeavor, BUT that particular little article is quite overboard IMO... fact is, the basics are just that, only the beginning... and I don't really like the fact that his article is aimed primarily at people who need reinforcement of the basic lifts (read: beginners), and yet he basically ****s on the idea of proper form, "just go with whatever"... people who need such basic advice do *not* need to be freed of strict guidelines for starting to incorporate these heavy lifts in terms of proper form and technique.


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