I need help with a new routine!

  1. I need help with a new routine!

    I really need help developing a fresh new routine. Can someone please help me out with this! I work out at home and i want to build muscle mass on my chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and abs. I need a workout routine from monday- friday. I would prefer combining biceps and chest and triceps and shoudlers but tehn wat day do i do abs? Can someone lay out a fully and detailed workout program with great exercies and recommended number of sets. It would be greatly appreciated. Again i am trying to gain muscle mass and really bulk up.


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    Sorry bro, no one is gonna do it for you. Take the time and look in the link posted.

  3. Whats your body type . Makes a big diff. But I think everyone wants everything bigger. Oh how are your legs you never said . Never forget them thats part of your core. If you need help in all those muscle groups , I would think you should spend a couple of months with the basics. The worry about Iso movements. Just my opinion. Also what type of equipment do you have to work with. I would always say If you truly want it get in a gym something about the atmospher Makes you feel stronger. You have to want it more than anything else. Thats what makes winners

  4. the training equipment i have is bench press ( capable of incline, decline,) dumbells, and barbells. I am an ectomorph looking to gain some size. I dont have any leg workout equipment which is why i usually neglect my legs. Right now i just want to put on some pounds. Ive been suplementing with creatine for about 2 weeks, and have found no results. I think the problem with my biceps is that i was overtraining them, and this is why i want some good help to get me back on track.

  5. First off To put on pounds. You need to squat, Deadlift, benchpress. As for two weeks , set goals of like 3mths at a time. If you expect to see it that soon most people quit for that same reason. For the first couple of mths your body is building up strength. You muscle has so much that you dont even use till you start working out. Once you get to that point then you start growing by strecthing the facia on your muscle, just try getting strong enough to really do some damage. then eat the right things to feed the muscle. 2 weeks isn't enugh time for anything. And when someone says reps of 10,8,etc.... They mean when you hit that #9#10 you should be really straining. Not just hitting 10 with a set weight in your head. Always go to the Basics!!!!!!!



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