Preacher curls

  1. Preacher curls

    A good 8 weeks or better i stressed/ damaged something in my right elbow. Its very hard for me to place the pain, but it is on the left side of my elbow (inside) if your bring your arm up and fold it pointing your elbow directly in front of you. (fist to face)

    I read this a few times and apoligize if i confuse anyone while reading it.
    What i was looking for was some advise on recovery.

    I actually hurt it doing Preacher curls with an ez curl bar. I felt it when it happened. Its getting better slowly but i was looking for some extra input, the faster i can put this behind the better.

  2. theres a link by ww7 I think
    Training when you are hurt, that should help
    Don't have the link but if you need I can find it..
    Just a bit.. well A LOT lagged right now

  3. Havok,
    I have been working through it every week, im ok as long as i concentrate on every inch of my movements. I just have to train very aware of my movements and weight.
    I have the worst luck with the "search feature"
    I dont know if i word things incorrectly or im not putting in key words correctly. I know these forums are just huge data bases full of info, i just cant get in a groove with the search button.
    Perhaps a lesson on searching is in order?
    Thanks again
    I want to fully recover before i start my T1-pro.

  4. yeah, preacher curls blow anyway IMO, the starting angle is limited and too far in front of my body, and the range of motion is way too ****in limited for my long monkey arms... especially at the top, I very quickly reach a point where gravity is overcome and the weight is simply bearing down on your joints, wrists/elbows. standing bar/db curls do it quite nicely for me. heavier weights, stronger more satisfying movement, lends itself much better to supersetting (or foxsetting! ), etc. sorry about the setback, that ****'s never fun... here's the thread you were looking for... is actually a sticky, and I didn't realize this before but perhaps "stickification" limits the search function? either way, there it was front and center... good read though. good luck with your injury bro.

    Active Release Technique

  5. I like concentration curls for an isolation move (in addition to barbell/dumbbell/hammer curls). They allow you to stabilize the upper arm like the preacher curls, but give you a longer range of motion and don't put pressure on your joints. Hope you're feeling better man.

  6. I guess im with you on that too Biggin, "Preachers Blow!"
    Im feeling much better so far this week, might be gettin past it.
    Thanks guys

  7. I don't do preachers on the normal preacher bench with the angle. We have another preacher bench at my gym that basically has no angle, and you stand and get full range of motion.


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