I need HELP!!!!!!!!!

  1. I need HELP!!!!!!!!!

    i want opinions of what i should do....PLEASE

    For some reason my back will not stay "in place" and it really causes me pain and frustration.

    when i flex in the mirror "from behind" it looks like my muscles curve along with my spine, to the left a half inch or so

    now let me get this str8 - I dont care what my back looks like to speak of,
    but moreso what that could reflect on how my muscles are incorrectly developing to support this "OUT OF WHACKNESS"

    Now I know I am not the strongest guy out there squat (500) and DL (525)..
    but I want to get alot stronger.
    I really feel that going any farther (training hard) may mess me up alot more,

    i feel tingles when i max , i feel like something is not quite right.

    I want to know EXACTLY what to do and where to go.

    I have spent time and money searching for CHIRO's / massage therapists to help me out ..
    most of them think that i am crazy to even try to get stronger than i am ....blah blah blah you know the story. and they use the word sports in the TITLES c'mon

    i need someone who knows there crap and lifts themselves preferrably,

    i know no one will fix me overnight,
    I would like someone to explain to me exactly what is going on and not probablitys or what they "THINK"
    I want a solution PROGRAM to get me on the road to fixing this.

    does anyone know someone like this, maybe a sports therapist ???????? if that is even a word

    please help me out, tim? glenn? fred?



  2. You may want to get in touch with a sports medicine doc or even someone in physical med and rehab. What area are you in, I work in medical education and may be able to help you find somebody depending upon where you are?
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  3. tulsa, ok

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