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  1. I use almost exclusively machines. I've noticed a much quicker recovery time, and far less joint problems.

    I've also notice that I am able to move up in weight much faster with machines. Especially for example if I am doing the smith machine, I can move up in weight from for example 300-400 lbs. much faster then I can go from 300-400 lbs. with free weights.

    Which means that I will still lift more in free weights then I would had I never trained with the smith machine.

    In fact if I had it to do all over again starting from when I first lifted weights, I would have used machines a lot more. I used almost all free weights for the first 9 years I trained and I had a lot of plateaus that I've only broken through with machines. (I was able to transfer that strength to free weight lifts)

  2. I like to mix it up and go with HS too, I agree that when have shoulder issues/pain, it allows me to work around it and get a good work out in....questions when doing ISO lateral bench, where does everyone line up the handles in regards to your chest....at, above or below nipple?

  3. personally, I use a lot of HS equipment for similar reasons as others have stated. One thing I find with HS equipment that traditional bb movements don't allow is great range of maotion. Take for instance the Incline Bench HS. It's almost like a bench press + DB press in one. It allows you at the end of the movement to bring your hands in closer together thus letting you really squeeze your pecs together. You can't do that on a traditional bb incline press. I vote yes to Hammer Time

  4. I also like the HS incline press, but the HS V-Squat is awesome. It approximates a true squat but you have the confidence to really push yourself in terms of adding weight. It keeps your back straight, too, which is a big thing.

  5. Hammer strength makes excellent equipment that fills the gap between free weights and cable equipment. What makes it so good is all the machines move in arcs and all your limbs move in circles so you could build some usable strength with them as well. Pesonally i'd use both, that's what i do and it works great.



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