New guy training question

  1. New guy training question

    Ive been here a month or two so im pretty new here. I dont post ever (this is my first) but i sure as hell "listen" and soak up everything. I enjoy coming here, and everyone is pretty respectful to eachother unlike many other places. But to the 23yrs 5'10 170, 9% bf last time i checked. Been working out consistantly for over 2 years. Never touched anything other than protein, creatine, occasional NO tabs. I had to stop lifting due to work and being out of town for 8 months, so im just getting started back in the gym. My routine looks like this:
    abs and calves every other day
    I train each body part on its own day as you can see. My goal is mass/bulk. i want to put as much muscle on my tiny ass frame as humanly possible, then cut up sooner or later. I do 4 sets of 8-10 reps usually with one warmup set. My question is, do you think its better overall to give each body part its own day? I used to do Chest/Tris, Back/Bis, but decided on my current routine. To add overall mass, is my routine "ideal" for my goal? should i change up the reps and sets? My diet is another thing......dont even ask. I dont eat as clean as i should. I eat out all the time, but i watch what i take in. I try to get at least my bodyweight in protein a day. Im working on it guys, thats why im here. Im just curious on what you think is a better routine/training split for gaining overall mass. Thanks.

  2. Slayers1121 Heres my opinion.Unless you have very good recovery 5 day a week training will likely lead to overtraining after a short time(for me it does) So I would go with a 3 day split DAY 1 chest tris shoulders DAY 2 back bi's abs DAY 3 quads hams glutes/lower back and supplemental work as desired.Myself I work rotator cuffs on day 3 due to shoulder problems.aslo I do 2 lifts per body part @ 3x6-10.Keep protein up to 1.5 grams per lb drink tons of water get a good vitamin pack and get plenty of rest.Ive went from 185 to 245 in 7 years Which is longer than it should have taken but lifes circumstances sometimes take precedence over training.I also only went up 2% body fat and my diet is far from clean.Keep reading here and dont believe the hype in the magazines about a million sets and all that super sophisticated theory junk.Remember simple is best also all this garbage about putting on 20 lbs in 2 weeks is ridiculous.If it were true why arent 90% of people on these boards 250lbs or more.It takes time and SMART training to build a better body.Be stedfast and you will reach your goals.Best of luck.

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  3. You really don't have to dedicate one day to one body part. I use these splits, in one I hit everything once a week in the other twice(except legs cause I do cardio all year round) and this has given me optimal results in the long term

    Mon- chest & traps
    Tue- delts & biceps
    Wed- OFF
    Thu- back & triceps
    Fri- Legs

    The other looks like this
    Mon- chest, bicep, traps
    Tue- back tricep, delts
    Thur- same as monday
    Fri- same as tuesday

    Just keep your volume in check when hitting muscles twice a week. When I hit them once a week I also incorporate drop sets. Most important thing is going to be your diet IMO, if you get that in check it makes things a whole helluva a lot easier and great nutrition always allows you to have optimal performance in the gym.

  4. Hey man, Try this.

    1) Delts/Triceps
    2) Quads/calves
    3) off
    4) Back/Abs
    5) Chest/Hamstrings
    6) off
    7) Biceps/abs/calves

    Your 23. In my oppinion, you can handle a 5 day split. And, Day 7 isnt that intense.(Throw in cardio on that day if you wish.)

    And as said above, diet is about 3/4 of all things bodybuilding.

    Quote Originally Posted by Salyers1121
    I used to do Chest/Tris, Back/Bis
    Thats like testing your mile time RIGHT AFTER running the boston marathon.
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  5. Iron Warrior,was just wondering,what day do you do deads on?Leg day or Back day?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by AllInOneBottle
    Iron Warrior,was just wondering,what day do you do deads on?Leg day or Back day?
    Back day


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