Back Injury *sigh*

  1. Back Injury *sigh*

    I'm not quite sure how it happened. I just started noticing a pain in my back, not even within a few days after a leg or back day.

    So I gave it two weeks rest with no back or leg exercises that would strain the back. Yesterday I did squats and yeah, on my warmup sets doing 140 lbs less than I would normally do, I noticed a very distinct pain there. So I just dropped the sets and moved on to safter pastures.

    Today I woke up and am definitely sore.

    I noramlly pride myself on good form on squats and deads, and if I can't keep good technique, I'll terminate a set and move down the weight.

    I know this can be variable, but any idea how long I should rest this?

    Anything that's worked for others?

  2. It's impossible to know for sure without a concrete diagnosis. It may be a muscle pull/tear, an impinged nerve or any one of a zillion different spinal or sacral misalignments.

    I'd go to a chiropractor long as you are not in excrutiating pain..and go from there.

    No matter how perfect your form is, if you have a misalignment anywhere in your skeletal system, it will eventually lead to muscular imbalance and injury.

    My hips are way off kilter and despite taking it easy on squats and deads and using good form, I still wrecked myself about 7 months back. I'm just now getting better/stronger from it..but now I'm gunshy lol.

  3. I'm finally pain free after spraining my lower back. It took 6 weeks to get here. I was doing squats and felt a pinch and continued to lift. Felt fine until I got home, showered, and relaxed on the couch. I stood up and fell right down. I couldnt put any pressure on my left leg. I went to the Chiropractor and my sciatic was all messed up and is what caused the injury. I continued to lift and cardio. I just added tons of stretching for my lower back and contiuned visits to the chiropractor and all is well. Definitely see a chiro and stretch the lower back, hammies, and glutes. And ICE ICE ICE. Throw a little moist heat in there every once in a while and NEVER use a heating pad. Dry heat is the worst for injuries.

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