Best way to build cardio endurance?

  1. Best way to build cardio endurance?

    Anybody have a good strategy for this while lifting 3-4 times a week? Should I just run my ass off for 10-15min after weight training?

  2. I'd only recommend doing cardio after weights and nothing for that long. Light cardio before lifting for a warm-up is good but besides that, no.

    Ideally, you would spread them apart as far as possible, IE morning cardio and late afternoon lifting or vice versa. Etc.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Moyer
    Anybody have a good strategy for this while lifting 3-4 times a week? Should I just run my ass off for 10-15min after weight training?
    If you want to lose muscle then your plan is dead on. If you want to keep the muslce you have and possibly add some low intensity cardio is what you want (65% MHR). If you want to build up cardiovascular endurance jog long distances on off days. Start with a 2 miles and add 1 mile every week.

  4. Besides lifting for 40 minutes, 4 days a week I also do 20-25 minutes on the treadmill 3-4 mornings a week.... I usually do 4-4.5 MPH total of about 2 miles.... This seems to work well for me. My AB's were a blur 2 weeks ago, they are looking fine after two weeks of dieting, w/cardeo thrown in.

  5. I would run on off days that is just the way I like to do it, allows me more energy to run for longer and with more intensity. I would try also to run for a good 25 min. at what ever pace you have to and then work that pace up. If you can't run for 25 minutes straight then your first goal should be to build up to it. And if you haven't really been running lately don't start out by doing to much or you risk injuries like shin splints. Lately I have been doing 8.5 mph for 2 miles then 8 for another mile. Also to stave off boredom I have been doing a little cross training with the eliptical.

  6. I'd stay from running. Just too hard on your joints, especially if you're carrying a bunch of muscle. When running, you'll land with a force of about 2.5x's your bodyweight with every step.

    Do the elipticals or walk on a tmill. Longer distances will build endurance better than high intensity bouts.

    In the end, it comes down to why you're doing the cardio, i.e., to burn fat, health reasons, wanting to do a marathon, or as you mentiond, to improve endurance.

    One last thing, if you're doing a treadmill or walking outside, wear good shoes. Running shoes will absorb the most impact forces and save your knees when you're an old man!

    As Kurt Vonnegut once said, "Take care of your knees, you'll miss them when they're gone".

  7. Quote Originally Posted by CRUNCH
    As Kurt Vonnegut once said, "Take care of your knees, you'll miss them when they're gone".
    I know, I miss mine and I'm only 41!

  8. So I should really be doing it on off days?

    I was doing the low intensity cardio to stay very lean, but even with that and weight training, my endurance didn't seem to get much better.

    Basically, I just hate being out of breath after a couple heavy sets or after having to run a little. I'm not overweight at all, just out of shape.

    I don't really need to burn any calories at all and I'd rather not have to run for long periods of time. I was hoping a short 10min hard running session (or eliptical or stationary bike)after weights would work. Just something quick to really get my lungs working.

    I'm actually bulking though so if any of this is going to effect my gains much, I guess I'll just say screw it and sit on my butt after lifting.

    Thanks for your advice guys.

  9. Well as you are not worried about endurance to run 2 or 3 miles I say just do 20 rep squats. They will help build your legs and also get your endurance up for what you are looking for.

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  10. Alternating speed workouts, what a runner would call Fartleks, essentially moving fast when you feel like it, of any type of cardio will develop VO2 max (simply,oxygen utilization) aka better endurance with a higher anerobic threshold better, faster, deeper than steady state workouts.
    That's similar to HIIT training. I met a WNBF pro the other day, and I asked him what he did to cut down. His answer was a clean 40/40/20 diet and HIIT cardio in the AM.

    Last month, I kept my diet super clean and did mid-intensity cardio in the afternoon, 30 to 40 min. Usually 3-4 miles per session on the treadmill. I definitely lost fat, gained a bit of strength and did not lose any muscle. These next 4 weeks Im going to switch to HIIT in the morning to see if it makes a difference. Cardio first thing in the AM is supposed to be ~300% more effective than doing it later in the day.



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