DC training... ever hear of it?

  1. DC training... ever hear of it?

    I was on another board and saw a description of what they called DC training.

    Basically from the 21 pages I read, you hit a bodypart twice in 8 days...

    ex. "Now to get into specifics regarding training. Stay with me here. You are only doing one exercise per muscle group per day. You are doing your first favorite exercise for chest on day one, you're doing your second favorite exercise for chest the next time chest training rolls around and then your third favorite exercise for chest the time after that when chest training rolls around. Then you repeat the entire sequence again. You're doing the same exercises you would be doing anyway in a 7-14 days time and training chest 3 times in that same period with minimal sets so you can recover. You cannot do a 3-5 exercise, 10-20 set chest workout and recover to train chest again 3-4 days later. It's absolutely impossible!! But you can come in and do 2-5 warmup sets up to your heaviest set and then do ONE working set (either straight set or rest paused) all out on that exercise then recover and grow and be ready again 3-4 days later. This kind of training will have you growing as fast as humanly possible. Again the simple equation is "the most times per year you can train a body part incredibly heavy, with major strength gains, and recover will equal out to the fastest accumulation of muscle mass possible".

  2. Jim,

    It has worked for me and to see someone DC is training take a look at Dave Henry. The place to learn about DC training is at intensemuscle.

    DC or Dante, has been very successful as have his trainees and those of us who are just following the material he has shared with the community.


  3. The idea sounds the same as high frequency training ala Waterbury and some of Poliquin's ****.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ktw
    The idea sounds the same as high frequency training ala Waterbury and some of Poliquin's ****.
    It does bear some similarities to the higher frequency/lower volume but DC training incorporates extreme stretches, rest/pause training, etc. Still plan on using it myself one day for an honest evaluation but in pre-contest mode right now and dont want to try anything different at the moment. However like it was stated, others have gotten good results with it.

  5. Thanks for the responses...

    Before I hit the other forum SuperChicken1, is there one place to go that spells out the plan? Eating, stretches, training... I don't mind searching through it, but if there is one place, it would sure save some time...

  6. Here is where the stretches are "DC stretches" and other useful threads.

  7. Im very interested in it. I will give this routine a try after my 2 competitions this year when I start to bulk again.

  8. I'm sorry but this routine looks like it is a direct compilation of various T nation articles. The stretches are the same as the one in the Stretch Mark Mass article and the routine is basically a Waterbury high frequency one. I'm nearly on the same plan right now with a few twists and this is my first time ever viewing the intense muscle site.


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