Neck / Trap injury

  1. Neck / Trap injury

    So about a year and half ago I was doing some heavy shrugs (270lbs) I pulled a muscle in my neck/trap right at the base of the neck. I'm sure we've all done this, where it hurts to turn your head a certian direction...

    Well I've had two more incidents of this, not doing heavy work and have come to question a few things.

    The last time it happened i was doing arnold presses with good from (from what i could see in the mirror) and doing shoulder presses on a smith machine.
    I keep my back very straight, though i have seen many arch their back quite a bit. Whats the correct form? Any idea why i might be injurying this muscle so often? I did shoulders last week and had a good workout, but afterwards (still today) i can feel a slight muscle strain in my neck. Its really a downer cause i LOVE doings shoulders and back.
    Anyone got any thoughts?

  2. You have a trigger point injury in the scalene or scapula area that needs attention

  3. Phoenix took my answer. You can alleviate most trigger points if you know what to do. I bought a book on it at Barnes and Noble called "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" by Claire Davies. I have had the exact same problem, like right now. The scalenes are most likely the culprit. Caution: The are endangerment sites you should be aware of before doing this yourself. Scalene trigger points are located on the neck. Trigger points will often project pain somewhere else on the body. Do you have pain on one side of your chest as well? The scalenes are located behind that cable like muscle on your neck (sternocleidomastoid). Trigger points are small contraction knots on the muscle. The place where these contraction knots occur are called sarcomeres. Trigger points occur where overstimulated sarcomeres are unable to release. Go get the book and do it yourself, but be careful.

  4. I just had mine injected today. Trigger point injuries can be a real b*tch. Mine are have been chronic and severe. i have a pain management doctor i see for long term chronic neck/back pain. I would high suggest finding an active release practioner. ART is a very specific myo-fascial release of trigger points. That should fix the problem. i use ART in conjuction with trigger point injections.

  5. Awesome guys, you rock. I'll check that book out asap.

    I think i need a new pillow too, lol!

    I'll throw yall some rep points for helping me out, great info



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