shoulder pain... ouch

  1. Question shoulder pain... ouch

    Is it normal to feel burning in your shoulders after an intense bicep workout? I am positive that I stayed strict througout each set. Here is what I did by the way:
    3 sets 12-15 of cable curls 50lbs a side
    3 sets of concentration curls 1rst set 50lbls 6-7 reps last 2 sets 30lbs 11-13 reps
    3 sets of e-z bar barbell curls 50lbs 12-15 reps(2 25lbs plates)

    thanks in advance for any help. By the way the pain isn't terrible i am just concerned it's been about three hours since I've finished my workout.
    I also realize this sounds a little ignorant but usually that feeling goes away by now.
    Please do not flame me....

  2. I wouldn't say its normal but if it only happens once I wouldn't worry about it. I'll bump it for you so maybe somebody else that experiences this can answer!

  3. Yea it happens to me to. I noticed it when I do lets say bench, or shoulder press it happens. So I changed the way I do them and the pain isn't as bad anymore. It also happen when I lift to much. I can reg bench 320 then when I cycled I was benching 380 it started to hurt pretty bad. So I stoped and did more shoulder workouts to get em stronger now I can lift more with less strain on em. Oh and good supps help as well. Msm and such. Good luck.

  4. This is just a little FYI about shoulder pain in general...might help somebody reading this.

    It seems that 9 times out of 10 when I get a new member or client that has shoulder pain, they are sleeping at night with their arms over their heads. This position for long periods of time will aggrevate the supraspinatus (part of the rotator cuff). You'll then feel it when doing shoulder or bench presses, among other things.

    Like I said, just an FYI. It may not be what's wrong with your shoulder, but may help someone else reading this.

  5. Ohh...makes sense...thanx man. I feel some karma coming...haha



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