Need Advice: Running Routine for a Bodybuilder (Long)

  1. Need Advice: Running Routine for a Bodybuilder (Long)

    OK folks this is a continuation of another thread I started about my new obsession with HIIT running. Sorry for the lame subject line but I wanted to be honest to attract people interested in helping me.

    Here's the situation. Over the last 13 yeras or so I've considered myself a BBer and never liked cardio, running, aerobics, or whatever you can all it. I have always hated running and admit I've been paranoid about losing mass and getting a "runner's build" because I like my muscles. I have disliked running probably due to bad memories of being introduced to it by dictatorial high school football coaches.

    For the past month or so I've really been running my ass off, more than ever before...and now I am a total addict, my gym owner even noticed it! It is like a serious addiction, the desire to push myself. I am probably spending more time in the gym now than I did when I considered myself to be "obsessed" with BBing when I was in college.

    The thing is I do have a goal, and perhaps I am approaching this from an entirely wrong direction. Maybe that's where you can help me.

    I have been in the US Army (Guard, Reserve, then Guard again) since I was 17 and have attended a couple special courses (week or two) and schools (month or so). So far, you guessed it, I usually hate PT and have never cared much about running. But now I have a very special opportunity coming up in August that I will probably never be able to do again if I don't do it now, mainly due to my age. I know that I need to be prepared to easily run at least 2 miles from day one. I also know that somewhere down the line we will do quick-time road marches fully loaded like light infantry. There will be running through thick brush in the heat, and all others kinds of misery as you can imagine.

    Anyhow, I am determined to get through this because it's something I've thought about for a long time and something many people only dream of. But I realize that I will probably never be able to do it without lots of self-discipline beforehand with regards to physical conditioning. Strength alone isn't going to mean much if I can't run 2 miles.

    So...I've been reading a little and hear all kinds of names of routines thrown around. HIIT running is something I've tried in the past and I seem to (notice my choice of words) quickly increase my running abilities that way.

    But is HIIT right for me? Should I be doing an "endurance" routine (pyramid up on speed and incline, then start back at the bottom immediately after maxing out)? A "cardio" routine (pyramiding up and down like a wave, very little incline change)? Those two programs are in the treadmills at the gym and the owner recommended them to me, but nothing makes me feel as exhilirated as HIIT. I am up to doing a 6.5 / 3.0 MPH split and can do that for 12 minutes. I usually do that once, then just walk about 2 MPH for a few minutes, then do it again, then walk, then do one of the routines programmed in the treadmills.

    Any advice is appreciated! Thanks a lot if you have read this far!

  2. Okay here is what I reccomend if you are trying to be able to run 2 miles easily and be ready for the millitary. First off the requirements by the millitary to get in are pretty easy 1.5 miles in 12 mins. I would first reccomend you try and run for time with a speed that you can hold for 20-25 min. plus that will help build up your endurance. Thing is I wouldnt use hiit for what you do anyways because you are not going to be doing sprints then recover afterwords during the runs in the millitary. Plus if you are using 6.5 mph as your sprints you are going to be dead in the millitary. Running for 20-25 minutes straight will not be easy at first but after fighting through it for a couple weeks you will notice it gets a lot easier. Then start increasing your pace. Just remember though dont start out to fast and doing cardio too often, also invest in a good pair of shoes, I reccomend you get them fitted at a store that specializes in running it's really worth it. If you run too often and too long too quickly you risk shinsplints which unfortunetly is something I personally am battling. Last final thing I have found helpful is a heartrate monitor, on certain days you feel like you are running really hard and are going to die but you look down at your heart rate and you are doing nothing. The heart rate also gives you something else that you can work on getting higher and for longer, it is especially good because it shows you exactly how hard your heart is working. Just for a reference I worked up from running at 166 for 20 minutes to running about 185 for 20 minutes pretty easily.

  3. One other thing try and enter some 5k's it will give you another goal to work for. Plus they are a lot of fun, because there are all levels and the feeling you get when you start passing people is great. If you think I am advocating running further than you would want, I would just say that if you can run 3.1 miles easily those 2 mile runs you are going to have will be easy.

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