squats and deads, placement in split?

  1. squats and deads, placement in split?

    Been reading here for a while, first post. 6 foot 195lbs, 19years, 1.5 years + deadicated lifting and dieting.

    I am using a modified DC method. I added an arms/shoulders day.

    day1: Chest(weighted dips, db incline), Back (weighted pullups, bbrow, shrugs, cable row), abs(4arms)
    Day2: Shoulders(db military, bb military(standing), lateral raises, arms(bb and db curls extensions, calvs(4arms)
    day3: Legs(quads, hams) )20 rep squats, stiff leg deads), obliques. (4arms)
    repeat with day 1 (off if I'm still hurting)

    as many warm up sets a needed and then 1-2 all out sets. start at a weight with about 8 reps, once I get 12, up the weight. I am not genetically gifted in 4arms so I train as soon as they aint sore anymore, which can bee the next workout to the next after next.

    I REALLY want to add in deads, but I can't think were. They work too hard the same muscles as squats. I tried doin deads and 20 rep squats same day and I don't think I'll be repeating that. I tried doin deads on leg day and leaving out back thickness on back day, and then leg press/extension but I just don't feel it like squats, I could still walk the next couple of days.
    With three days i feel I'm not rushing to get outa there in 45 minutes and I'm not draging the last few exercises.
    Any suggestions. Thanks.

  2. Well my overall impression since I didn't understood you completely is probably you are a natural bodybuilder, being that I will give you some advice. First of all you might want to move legs day in between chest and shoulder day , that way your body recuperates in the upper body area allowing you to hit it harder on friday
    for example
    Chest -Monday

    The other thing you could do is move deadlifts and add them to your back session, I do them on legs day and yes they are painful, but they are the best exercises for mass as is squat so you need to get in there and do them, my 2 cents.

  3. You could change up your split a little and do deads on back day. For example:

    Mon - Legs, Tris
    Wed - Chest, Bis
    Fri - Back, Shoulders
    Rest Sat., Sun., and repeat.

    If you do deads right they'll hit your lower back, hams, and traps more than your quads, but I still think it's too much to squat and DL on the same day.

    Hope this helps... (This has actually been my split for the last several months)


  4. thanks. They hit all my squat muscles with out hitting the quads hard enough.

    is it futile to try to hit the same muscle more frequently than once a week? DC's reasoning about doubling the growth periods in a year sounds too good to pass up.

  5. Originally posted by dbag333

    is it futile to try to hit the same muscle more frequently than once a week?
    I'd say definitely not, but that's me. been making excellent progress after giving HST an honest shot, am lovin' it.



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