Training questions - help!

  1. Question Training questions - help!

    I will soon be starting a 4-AD cycle (if my stuff from BCD gets here.. heh) next week in anticipation of training for entry into my local police academy. The requisites of this academy in terms of physical prowess are as follows:

    Situps - 2 minutes max - 75
    Pushups - 2 minutes max - 75
    2 Mile run - 13:30
    Leg press - 2.01 x body weight
    Bench press - 0.85 x body weight

    OK, I have three months to train for this. The next month (4-AD cycle) I want to dedicate solely to targeted muscle growth/stamina in order to support the physical objectives above. My proposed plan has me working out on the same exercises on Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday. The next two months will go primarily to support the cardio objective while still maintaining the gains that I have made while bulking. My questions are:

    1) While on this 4-AD cycle would I be able to maximize my Pushups & Situps reps by:
    a) The drop & give me 20 method - Every hour or so dropping and doing 20+ pushups & 20+ situps etc. I reason that I could possibly do 160+ in one day using this method or
    b) Once a day training pushups and situps max in a 2 minute time period to ever increasing failure.


  2. from my experiences, doing situps and pushups are the same as working have to give them time to rest...for me, i did as many pushups as possible. i wouldn't do them fast at first either...i dont know what kind of build you have but slower motions usually put more stress on the muscles...i'm sure some other bros'll help you out...hope i did bro

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