Trying to setup my 5x5 routine

  1. Trying to setup my 5x5 routine

    Since I have been doing a pretty standard 3 set 8-10 rep per exercise scheme for a while now, I am going to switch up to a "5x5" for a while. Here is what I came up with. Looking for suggestions and opinions on it. BTW I'm NOT training legs in 5x5 style, I'm going for max endurance on them (I ride dirtbikes and race snowmobiles, so I'm up and down up and down A LOT)

    Squats - 3 sets low weight (like 135 or so) x 15, increase weight if 15 is easily attainable, short rest period.
    Leg presses - Same style as squats 3 sets low weight 15 reps increase if weight is too easy, short rests.
    Leg extentions - 3 sets low weight 2 second hold @ top of movement 10 reps short rests.
    SLDL - 3 sets x 8-10 reps
    Leg curl - 2 sets 8-10 reps

    Flat bench - 5x5
    Incline DB - 5x5
    Pec deck machine - 3x6 ~1min rest
    BB Curls - 5x5
    Hammer curls - 3x6 ~1min rest
    Cable curl (w/ V shaped attatchment) 3x6 ~1min rest

    Deadlifts - 3x3 (I prefer 3x3 to 5x5 on deads, just my preference)
    Barbell Row: 5x5
    Seated close grip cable row 5x5
    Weighted chins 3x6
    Overhead DB extention 5x5
    Cable pressdown 3x6 ~1 min rest

    Barbell Military press 5x5
    Arnold press 5x5
    Upright row 2x6 ~1 min rest
    Lateral raise 2x6 ~1 min rest
    Barbell shrugs 2x6 ~1min rest
    Cable crunches 3x10 ~1 min rest
    DB sidebends 3x10 ~1 min rest

    Rest periods are ~1.5 minutes unless noted. Cardio is done whenever I feel like it Usually 3 x per week ~15-20 mins each on treadmill and 3 x per week just beating the **** out my heavy bag for a while.

  2. I think you'll find 5x5 is fantastic. Understand that initially you'll grow due to periodization; going from low set/high rep to the 5x5, but I think in isolation there is nothing better. Good luck.

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