Ideal Strength Ratios of Chest v Back / Bicep v Tricep anyone?

  1. Ideal Strength Ratios of Chest v Back / Bicep v Tricep anyone?

    Hi Guys,

    I am not a competetive BB or anything like that but I am serious about my training and want to achieve/maintain a balanced physique.

    I often wonder (but never found any answers so far) what is considered to be the ideal strength ratio of Chest to Back and Bi to Tri..?

    By this I mean, is there any kind of recommended or generally accepted figure (in terms of max weight) for opposing exercises?


    • If you can bench XXX kilos then you should be able to Row / Pull Down XXX kilos.
    • Same for the upper Arms - If you can Curl XX kilos then you should be able to Push Down XX kilos.

    I have found (more than once) a ratio for the Legs (extensions : curls) which states that the ideal balance is being able to curl 60% of your max extension.

    Anyone know of any similar figures or want to offer an informed suggestion?

    (I know individual stats will vary widely, it's not so much what you are doing I'm interested in it's what you should be doing, the anatomical science of it)

    can anyone help?



  2. I don't think that there are any perfect ratios. Everybody's different. Some people are very strong benchers, but can't do a pull-up and etc.

  3. Cheers LC,

    Sure, I appreciate that. But in an "ideal world"?

    > With my crappy physiology I'll never have a body approximating to 80% of the guys here, but at least I have a target to aim for.
    > Same objective with the question about ratios, knowing how near to the ball park I might be or not with my programme and whether I might need to change the emphasis to bring about better strength balance.



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