Pre-Exhaustion question

  1. Pre-Exhaustion question

    I have been experimenting with this over the last couple weeks...How does everyone use this technique? I have been doing leg extensions first on leg day to pre-exhaust my quads before leg presses and squats with great results. I am wondering where else I can apply this. I also tried doing biceps first on back/bi day. Just curious how other people do it.

  2. Sometimes on Chest day my triceps for whatever reason are sore or fatigued so I will do the peck deck or flat bench flyes or cable crossovers to pre exhaust my chest so my triceps won't be the limiting factor in my workout.

  3. When used properly it is a very effective method for increasing the intensity of yor workout. I do it occasionaly with pec deck and Incline press and extensions and leg press. Just be careful not to allow your workout to turn into an aerobic event by letting the reps get too high.

  4. yea I hear ya ive been doing 6-8 reps on my working sets. Never had the problem with tris being sore on chest day. I usually seperate shoulder/tri day and chest day by at least 2 days. My tris honestly NEVER get sore anymore, even when I totally annihilate them. They might be "tight" the next day, but thats about it.

  5. I really liked my back workout today after doing bis. Weight was lower but pumps in my upper back were much more apparent



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