GVT and Joint Pain

  1. GVT and Joint Pain

    Or better yet lack there of.
    I've been doing GVT for the past three weeks and my joints have been feeling great. I also have been able to cut a little more while gaining muscle. This was the perfect routine to help get my legs back up to par since my recent calf tear. Anybody out there with joint pain should seriously consider doing GVT for awhile.

  2. Are you taking any supplements to aid joint mobility and decrease pain or just the GVT?

  3. just the GVT until yesterday
    I did add Glucosamine and Chondroitin yesterday to help aid in overall repair and longevity. This was partly due to your post so thanks for the info.

    I think right now it is mainly due to the drop in wieght and maybe the increased volume.

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