How much does an olympic E-Z curl bar weigh?

  1. How much does an olympic E-Z curl bar weigh?

    I'm farily certain it's less than 45, I ask people at the gym but apparenly I'm not the only clueless one. I'm just tired of writing "+30" etc instead of knowing the real weight.

    Oh yeah, same question for the olympic shrug bar.

  2. Depends but the ones we have at our gym are 17 lbs, 16.5 lbs, and 15 lbs. I put them on the scale to check them... at for the shrug bar, is that the one with the diamond shape to it? or a straight bar. on the straight bar, they can be 45, 50, or 60 lbs.

  3. You have to weigh them yourself at my gym the ez-curl bars weigh 20lbs.

  4. i had always thought the standard EZ bar weighed 15 for the lighter ones around, and 30 for the heavier steel. i guess ive been telling people wrong info. (ha) gonna go weigh those suckers before any other people ask me away quesitons to which im not 100% sure of. (ps i still think im right however) Sage

  5. The scales at my gym are kinda strange. :\

  6. Nelson
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    For what its worth the one at my gym is 10kg = 24lbs.

  7. yeah, mine hit 20 yesterday... didn't know there would be quite such a range, that's interesting.


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