Another HIT vs Volume argument thread

  1. Another HIT vs Volume argument thread

    Starting this thread to have the debate started in my "Sharing routines" thread, so it doesn't go into the crapper. That thread was for people to discuss the details of routines, NOT arguing about completely different training styles. So here's the HIT vs volume argument thread, part 768,998.

    Quote Originally Posted by phil216
    With the frequency being so high you really do not allow for systemic recovery. While localized recovery may not take longer then a couple of days syatemic recovery takes a bit longer and to train agin before you have even recovered will not allow for growth to occur if you have not even recovered.In addition to that you are really hitting the same muscles in some cases more then once per week when you consider that triceps are hit when you work arms, delts and chest and bis are hit on arm day and back day(close grip pull downs) or that legs are hit during deadlifts on back day and on your normal leg day. As far as not making gains from HIT I would ask the following, were you taking each set to failure? What was your frequency at that point? and how many sets were you doing per workout? As for me HIT is working very well and the only time I will tup he duration is when I'm on "supplements" as my recovery ability is much greater but even then I'm only in the gym three days a week for 15-20 minutes or s a week.

    Do you use a stop watch when you train?
    If you'd read my workout correctly, you'd see that rest duration and workout duration are closely monitored. As such, there is no way I am not using a stopwatch during my workout. How else would I keep track of my exact rest time and all that?

    What do you call "systemic recovery"? CNS recovery?

    As far as "hitting" muscles more than once a week, I'd say I USE these muscles more than once a week. My triceps play a supporting role in both my chest and delt workouts, that is true. To call that "training" is almost equivalent to saying that you "train" calves every day because you walk every day IMO. What if one day you do some shovelling? You'll skip back and delt work for a week?

    What you are doing by training this way is that you are acting as if your recovery ability was a set thing, one that cannot change, and thus train AROUND that "limitation". I have trained for years alternating between slight overtraining and deloading phases in order to bring up this recovery ability which you HIT people wrongly assume to be fixed and impossible to raise. Recovery ability can be trained, just like anything else.

    As far as going to failure, I've ALWAYS been going to failure. I rarely ever do a set I don't take to failure. This high-volume routine is all done to failure. There's maybe 1 set a week that I don't take to failure. Of course sometimes this failure is cardiovascular rather than simply muscular, and that's all good to me.

    My frequency when doing HIT was 3X week, approx 6-8 sets per workout. About 20-25 sets per week.

  2. How can you posibly make a comparison between the impact that walking has on the calfs as pressing movements have on the tris? Consider that the tris are a far weaker muscle then the chest and will thus give out before the stronger pecs on pressing movements, or that the bis will give out prior to the lats on the closegrip pulldowns as the bis are smaller and weaker. When I say systemic recovery I mean, after a set of squats to total muscular failure or deadlifts to total muscular failure the entire physiology will require time to recover from the effects of the workout. The biggest mistake people make when training is that as they grow stronger they do not reduce the volume or frequency to compensate for the increasingly greater stress that they are imposing on the body. Forgive me for asking was TUT a creation of Poliquin?

  3. TUT isn't a creation of anyone. Time under tension is the amount of time a muscle spends well, under tension from weight training.

  4. I was just curious as to who has been promoting TUT.

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