Streched ACL...

  1. Streched ACL...

    Morning guys.
    About 6 weeks ago I went in to have my right knee scoped,and low and behold the MD couldn't do anything for me.He says that my ACL is stretched beyond the point of fixing,and that I need to new (cadaver) on installed.
    Unfortunately I do not have the time it will require to do the OP plus recovery, as I start my second attempt at the Fire Academy in about 2 months (jacked the knee up 2 months into my first one)
    So my question is this…Do any of you have a jacked up knee, that never got fixed, found a way to “live with it”?
    MD says that many hardcore athletes have the same condition, and simply strengthen they’re quads and calves to compensate…
    I guess I’m looking for some opinions here…not only do I need to be able to use the knee…I need to be able to abuse it, if you know what I mean…

  2. I think your MD is full of **** personally. The 4 main ligaments in the knee are there for a reason. The main issue would probably knee stability and an increased chance of tearing the ACl and other ligaments b/c of the instability. However, Hines Ward doesn't have an ACL so there may be hope.

  3. Stability is a major problem right now...kinda feels like I could fall over damn near every step I take....I really can't trust the knee.
    Intresting thing is when I'm on the stairmaster,I feel like there is nothing wrong...No pain or instability.

  4. Exactly... Kinda jacked up!

  5. I tore my ACL playing lacrosse and you can get away without an ACL. Two people on my team have torn there ACLs and continued to play without getting it surgically repaired. If you're not going to have surgery you should really concentrate on strengthening your quads and hamstrings. What the Dr. told me was that I continue without an ACL but I would be at a much greater risk of damaging the miniscus and of tearing the other ligaments.



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