Cardio Killing My Gains?

  1. Cardio Killing My Gains?

    This may seem kind of stupid but....After I do my usual cardio consisting of 20-35 minutes of low/med intensity where I never go above 125 HR, and I look in the mirror it looks as if my muscles have depleted significantly--mostly my chest. Does anyone else experience this effect?

  2. Yup.
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  3. Yeah, I get it too..It is probably just the effect of water leaving your body through sweat. No big deal. If you aren't overkilling the cardio you should not be affecting muscle gain, but too much cardio on a bulk will make it useless

  4. Also, consider the glycogen stores your body uses during cardiovascular activity.

  5. okay cool, sounds good guys thanks

  6. Yea, it i sjust your muscle being depleted of water and glycogen, make sure you get a good meeal and plenty of water in after and youll be fine.


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