Poll: What body part is your favorite to train?

What's your favorite body part to train?

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  1. What's your favorite body part to train?

    Just curious as to what body part you guys love to train the most? It's varied for me over the years from chest, to biceps....etc.

    Right now I'd say that shoulder night is my favorite workout night. Thats really kinda funny because I used to HATE training my delts. I especially hated BB military presses, back in the day. But that very exercise has now become one of my favorites to do.

    Plus I love it when I'm finished with my delt/trap workout and it feels like I have two cannonballs on top of my arms

    Incidentally my LEAST favorite workout night is leg night. I have bad knees from wrestling when I was younger and I had a SERIOUS ankle fracture a couple years ago that really did a number on my left ankle. I've had 3 surgeries on it trying to get it back to being in good shape and I am most likely going to have to have another one maybe next year. So all that being said.....you can kind of see why it's a little hard for me to get motivated on leg night, lol. I still work them as hard as I can......nobody wants a big upper body and chicken legs.....it just takes a lot more motivation to get in the gym on that night!

  2. I decided I no longer like training any part of my body. I think it is just a phase but... the least favorite is probably chest. I enjoy working my calves, I guess.

  3. Since I have finnaly got the strength in my back after surgury. Training my legs is always the highlight of my week. There is no stopping me now, Heavy it is

  4. My favorite now a days is shoulders. I used to HATE doing them reason being now that I look back at it is because I used to be so weak in the shoulder dept. Ha Ha my least favorite BY FAR is abs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I have made myself believe it is legs.

  6. I said back..but I've decided that since only my forearms and calves show I'm changing my routine to:


    Standing Clalf Raises
    Donkey Calf Raises
    Seated Calf Raises

    Wrist Curls
    Rev Wrist Curls
    Rev. Curl


    Rest Day


    Rest Day


    Rest Day


    Rest Day


    Rest Day


    Rest Day

    Even the Prez borrowed my routine.

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  7. Chest and tri's
    Calves and abs

  8. Used to be legs, but no more hardcore training for me in that dept. Now it is back; there is nothing better than having the feeling that your back is a mile wide.

  9. love the arms, love the pumped feeling i get after some heavy barbell curls. veins popping out all over my forearms

  10. It's all about the back pump!

  11. I went with back, as deads are by far my favorite exercise!! I hate looking forward to leg day, but if I manage to work up the intensity enough to get a good wo, I do feel the best AFTER legs! That full body, total exhaustion thing that lasts several hours!

  12. For me, it has to be quads. I used to dread leg day, but now it has changed. Due to a recent routine change, I noticed my quads got bigger. So now I look forward to the crazy pumps on my quads that make me "limp out of the gym". 2nd second part are my biceps, crazy pumps, "it's better than cumin". LOL

  13. Gotta say legs. I used to dread leg day, but now I really look forward to it. I usually start with 6 set of squats, 4 sets of box squats, then go the leg press and machines. I walk funny for at least two days afterwards.

  14. Back is by far my favorite I just love doing deadlifts, never understood why not many people do them but they are awesome.

  15. Hamstrings. There is no better feeling than bending my leg and feeling like a bicep is popping out of the back of it.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Fearhk213
    It's all about the back pump!
    I have to agree.

  17. Back no question....nothing better than deads

  18. Triceps and biceps.

  19. whoa! how am i the only one to vote for abs!.

    abs and legs are the most fav. for me.. mostly because i do and show the best with them... i cant stand chest.. i am so freaking weak there.. but my shoulders aren't.. ugh..

  20. I'd have to say mine are legs and chest. I always look foward to those days.

  21. Shoulders.

  22. I haev to say chest.... God i love benching and flys and all that rubbish...

    kids at school call me pistol tits

  23. Quads...it's a Love/Hate relationship.... I love squatting heavy, but my body hates me for a couple days after.

    2nd is arms!! You can't beat the pump!!
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  24. My favorite muscle to train is chest by far.

  25. For me it's a tossup between back or triceps. Back was probably the first muscle group that I really figured out how to isolate, and as a result I've always loved working it. Triceps are one muscle group that I always experience an insane pump in, so it's another favorite as well.

    Legs are a muscle group I have a love/hate relationship with. I always absolutely dread the period leading up to the workout, but once I get going, and properly get myself psyched up, I love the exertion that is necessary.


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