Poll: What body part is your favorite to train?

What's your favorite body part to train?

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  1. Triceps - Forearms - Delts

  2. Arms and chest.

  3. I love to work Triceps. They grow easily for me and you get the, "man, you have big arms" comments a lot I recently started training traps and shoulders with much more intensity and new routines that have shown positive gains which has in turn made them a favorite too.

  4. my favorite day is chest tri shoulders but i love the tricep pump. so tris are my favrite to work.

  5. Legs, I love to do legs

  6. Back thickness (i dont like pull ups/downs) and delts.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by pecs=sexs
    my favorite day is chest tri shoulders but i love the tricep pump. so tris are my favrite to work.

    Yeah, the tricep pump is awesome!

  8. I used to hate legs when i couldn't get the form of squats right back in the day when first starting out, but once i nailed the form and stuck with it and saw the gains i loved training them. But my absolute favourite is Back, my back like my legs respond VERY easily, Triceps are also up their for me i love training them. Chest which i used to hate training because i had a horrible mind muscle connection is now quite enjoyable to train.

  9. Back is my favorite.

  10. What's weird is I like training biceps the least, most people love them though.

  11. the BACK

  12. I personally enjoy working my traps. sure it makes up a large portion of the back but doing upright rows to get those traps feels pretty good.

    the least has got to be biceps. oh the pain. but it's not that i'm not doing it right. preachers hurt, concentration curls hurt, cambered and straight bars hurt, single arm cable curls hurt. not working out for 5 weeks and then curling 20lbs for 10 reps hurt. just can't win.

  13. That was a tough one, I love back, but also Shoulders


  14. Used to be Biceps back when I was in school. But now I would have to say that it is Biceps/Tri's and Chest .. Oh yeah and Lats and delts.. I hate legs.. But then again, thats probably why I have chicken legs..

  15. Calves

  16. My chest is lagging so atm that is my favorite. =)

  17. I'm going to have to go with back. Legs are close, but my back is lacking more. Plus, I love the fact that I don't have to worry about spotters and I can go HEAVY. Nothing like some back pump...well maybe leg pump.

  18. I only recently started liking my back. Its because its lagging, and once I started developing my back I saw my whole upper body change.

  19. My favorite body part to train changes pretty frequently. Right now I like doing back

  20. I dig workin' on my back because I can put stupid amounts of weight on it. lol That sounds a little juvenille, but it's fun. My legs are the same way, but they're really the only muscle groups that get "sore" on me the next day. So, they're not my favorite. Granted, I wish that all of my muscles would get as sore as my legs, but that's just not in the cards. Anyway, I think that second up would probably be shoulders followed by tris. Then forearms, then biceps, then chest, then abs. Legs are in there somewhere or other. I'm not sure where though.

  21. Hell, I love training them all the same, legs suck but the "growth pain" afterwards is well worth it. Chest, back, tris......I show them all equal attention that is appropriate for that muscle group!

  22. Back period...

    Dead lifts, rack deads, pullups, tbar rows, machines rows, lat pulls, hyper extensions, seated good mornings...no other body part gets me a rush as do back workouts

    2nd ot that would be legs.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by *Bulldog* View Post
    Just curious as to what body part you guys love to train the most? It's varied for me over the years from chest, to biceps....etc.

    Right now I'd say that shoulder night is my favorite workout night. Thats really kinda funny because I used to HATE training my delts. I especially hated BB military presses, back in the day. But that very exercise has now become one of my favorites to do.

    Plus I love it when I'm finished with my delt/trap workout and it feels like I have two cannonballs on top of my arms

    Incidentally my LEAST favorite workout night is leg night. I have bad knees from wrestling when I was younger and I had a SERIOUS ankle fracture a couple years ago that really did a number on my left ankle. I've had 3 surgeries on it trying to get it back to being in good shape and I am most likely going to have to have another one maybe next year. So all that being said.....you can kind of see why it's a little hard for me to get motivated on leg night, lol. I still work them as hard as I can......nobody wants a big upper body and chicken legs.....it just takes a lot more motivation to get in the gym on that night!

    How come Penis isn't listed? WTF???

  24. Back is my favorite, but legs are a close favorite. I like going really heavy, so deads and squats bring me great joy. Least favorite is biceps.

  25. Easily my dong. Make it do push-ups in a lady butt til it pukes. That's a great workout. Def. go to failure.

    Ya, biceps is a fav. too....as are traps.


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