Poll: What body part is your favorite to train?

What's your favorite body part to train?

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  1. My chest is lagging so atm that is my favorite. =)

  2. I'm going to have to go with back. Legs are close, but my back is lacking more. Plus, I love the fact that I don't have to worry about spotters and I can go HEAVY. Nothing like some back pump...well maybe leg pump.

  3. I only recently started liking my back. Its because its lagging, and once I started developing my back I saw my whole upper body change.

  4. My favorite body part to train changes pretty frequently. Right now I like doing back

  5. I dig workin' on my back because I can put stupid amounts of weight on it. lol That sounds a little juvenille, but it's fun. My legs are the same way, but they're really the only muscle groups that get "sore" on me the next day. So, they're not my favorite. Granted, I wish that all of my muscles would get as sore as my legs, but that's just not in the cards. Anyway, I think that second up would probably be shoulders followed by tris. Then forearms, then biceps, then chest, then abs. Legs are in there somewhere or other. I'm not sure where though.

  6. Hell, I love training them all the same, legs suck but the "growth pain" afterwards is well worth it. Chest, back, tris......I show them all equal attention that is appropriate for that muscle group!

  7. Back period...

    Dead lifts, rack deads, pullups, tbar rows, machines rows, lat pulls, hyper extensions, seated good mornings...no other body part gets me a rush as do back workouts

    2nd ot that would be legs.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by *Bulldog* View Post
    Just curious as to what body part you guys love to train the most? It's varied for me over the years from chest, to biceps....etc.

    Right now I'd say that shoulder night is my favorite workout night. Thats really kinda funny because I used to HATE training my delts. I especially hated BB military presses, back in the day. But that very exercise has now become one of my favorites to do.

    Plus I love it when I'm finished with my delt/trap workout and it feels like I have two cannonballs on top of my arms

    Incidentally my LEAST favorite workout night is leg night. I have bad knees from wrestling when I was younger and I had a SERIOUS ankle fracture a couple years ago that really did a number on my left ankle. I've had 3 surgeries on it trying to get it back to being in good shape and I am most likely going to have to have another one maybe next year. So all that being said.....you can kind of see why it's a little hard for me to get motivated on leg night, lol. I still work them as hard as I can......nobody wants a big upper body and chicken legs.....it just takes a lot more motivation to get in the gym on that night!

    How come Penis isn't listed? WTF???

  9. Back is my favorite, but legs are a close favorite. I like going really heavy, so deads and squats bring me great joy. Least favorite is biceps.

  10. Easily my dong. Make it do push-ups in a lady butt til it pukes. That's a great workout. Def. go to failure.

    Ya, biceps is a fav. too....as are traps.

  11. I definitely like training legs the best. I feel the most benefit from leg day. Probably the most important muscle group to train if you are trying to get big.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    How come Penis isn't listed? WTF???
    Der... not a true muscle

  13. Shoulders. they used to be my worst. i repeatedly worked them, and now i love the feeling of not being able to get my shirt off after the gym. i rest easy at night knowin they will be getting bigger.

  14. Favorite is a tie between chest and back.
    Least fav has got to be legs.

  15. Still penis

  16. Shoulders by far are my fav...my goal in life is to look like Saumus from metroid.
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  17. back...man I love deadlifts...and bent over rows...

  18. my favorite is the back. out of all body parts, i get the most insane pumps on my back. 2nd favorite would be shoulders. it makes my arm look insane!!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by SoCo4Fun View Post
    back...man I love deadlifts...and bent over rows...
    Looks like we got our first "Reign of Animal" promo winner. Congrats, SC.

    PROMO: "Reign of Animal"

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiquitous View Post
    I have made myself believe it is legs.
    Ha. And tell me how you do that. Cause i hate legs!!!

  21. Quote Originally Posted by ivydude View Post
    Hamstrings. There is no better feeling than bending my leg and feeling like a bicep is popping out of the back of it.
    I have to agree! ill catch myself sometimes sitting on the couch watching tv and flexing my hamstrings to feel that "bicep".

  22. Legs. I love wobbling out of the gym and the pain I feel the next 2 days.

    Yes I am a sick bastard.

  23. My all around fav is definately back. I love it. I am shooting for enough width to provide a solar eclipse. Shoulders and legs aren't to far behind that on the list.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS View Post
    Legs. I love wobbling out of the gym and the pain I feel the next 2 days.

    Yes I am a sick bastard.
    We're all sick bastards...

  25. Freakish traps lats and cannonball shoulders are what i am aiming for Most guys have the arms down, the three above are my favorite, and hardest to gain in.

  26. as of today, its officially deadlifts.

  27. does ur penis count as one if not then traps mainly cause ther freakishly larger than my body i had to stop doin deads and anything that made em ghrow for 6 months fark sake

  28. unfortunately im stuck lifting in a pretty crummy junior college gym, no dead lift O.o and more ego lifters getting in the way then you can throw a 45 at.

  29. Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS View Post
    Legs. I love wobbling out of the gym and the pain I feel the next 2 days.

    Yes I am a sick bastard.
    Oh yeah...gotta love that. That's how I know I had a good leg day. When I walk funny.
  30. pain is good

    been feeling it all weekend, or it could just be all the airsoft from this weekend muwhahaha.

  31. Dang, abs got some votes. I'll have to say
    1. bi's/tri's. i love a full arm workout!

    about 5 years ago it would be the complete opposite. don't ask me why.

  32. Quote Originally Posted by suncloud View Post
    as of today, its officially deadlifts.
    You enjoy deadlifts?? If I had my way I'd never do another deadlift ever again.

  33. Quote Originally Posted by planetfuzz View Post
    You enjoy deadlifts?? If I had my way I'd never do another deadlift ever again.
    that hurts my feelings.......j/k

    I love deads and squats also. But i like pain also.

    IMO, those two lifts indicate actual functional strength.

    To each his own,,,,,,,lift on brother.
    MTNMEDIC's Avatar

    Legs !

  35. Quote Originally Posted by planetfuzz View Post
    You enjoy deadlifts?? If I had my way I'd never do another deadlift ever again.
    SACRILEGE!!! dead lifts kick ass even get to do a set today! Its the only exercise that really pushes the envelope for me.


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