Thinking i could do with changing things up a bit..

I started out a bit of a HIT guy and dont feel i respond well to high volume, although i have not done 1 set to failure for a long while now

lagging areas for me are chest (posted on this before my tris and shoulders steal all the work!), and biceps...
Ah well i can't be accussed of just working the beach muscles!

My current routine is as follows:

Monday - Chest & shoulders

Flat Bench
warm up 1 set
3 working sets 6-8 reps

Seated fly - superset with decline bench
2 sets of each

Not sure what to call these? seated rear lateral raise? Sat on a bench with chest on knees, raise dumbells in straight arms to my sides, for rear delts. 2 sets 8-10

Side lateral raise 2 sets 8-10

Front Lateral raise 2 sets 8-10

Wednesday - Back and bi

Widegrip palms foward pullup, 2 sets, as many reps as poss

Narrow grip palms in chinup, 2 sets, as many reps as poss

1arm DB rows, 1 set warm up either side then 3 working sets 8-10reps

Shrugs 3 sets - heavy as i can go, love it! 8-10 reps

DB curl, 2 sets with some tiny little db!

Friday - Legs

Warm up
then 4 or 5 sets of 5 with working weight (made some good progress here, work damn hard and am usually wasted all weekend after this session)

3 sets 8-12

Hamstring curl
2 sets 8-12

Calf raise
4 sets - 8-10

Couple of things - i used to love oh presses for my shoudlers but find my tris are fried now after bench, i want to prioritise the bench for the lagging chest.

I do very little if any direct tri work, they are one of my best muscle groups and i dont feel i need any.

Used to love deadliftin but not sure where to fit it in.

Should have some ab work in there as well, must admit i do slack on that zzzzzz

Its all just a bit clumsy at the moment and needs changing up

I can definatley get to the gym three nights everyweek, sometime im lucky and get four, several other commitments restrict things.

any advice welcome.