How the animal trains...

  1. How the animal trains...

    Part of a series of sorts.. This thread details my sporatic training style, and trust me you will not find any rhyme or reason to how I train.. I never follow a set routine, nor do I have days I train specific parts.. Everything is completely random..

    My eating for now is right here!

    I plan to work back tomorrow, possibly quads, we shall see..

  2. lol what kind of an example are you setting pete?!
    No set diet, no set exercise routine...

  3. The principles I go by are abit simple, I use a mix of DC rest-pause and widowmakers with TUT and high-rep blood volume work.. Rest-pause on certain movements tend to over-stress my CNS, so I end up puking late at night, delayed reaction.. To minimize the Hilton Diet effect, I've cut my worksets down to 2 with maybe 2-3 rests for 15secs before hittin' it again.. HOOAH!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by cable626
    lol what kind of an example are you setting pete?!
    No set diet, no set exercise routine...
    Example? I'm noone special, and don't give a **** really, just showing how I do..

  5. I look forward to the day when I'm at a point where I can just go by feel. I remember reading about a Russian powerlifter who trained !00% by feel, and became one of the best in the world. Great results can be attained without being super-methodical. Pete is a testament to that.

    I trained for marathons by feel and made dramatic improvements consistently.

    This log should be interesting

  6. When we trainin' again, Beo?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bigpetefox
    When we trainin' again, Beo?
    Very soon. I have vacation this week, but I'm still busy as hell. I got reassigned at my school so I have to learn a completely new curriculum.
    I should be on top of it in a few weeks (if I stay focused during break).

    I'm thinking it might be cool to try that crazy, 6 hour, inch in a day workout we were talking about. Hopefully I'll be running Oratropin. Should help with recovery. Hopefully we can hit up a workout in a few weeks.

  8. I thought I was able to go by feel with my diet for a while, but couldn't get it down right. I still have a lot to go before I get to that point I guess.

    anyway, i'll be following!

  9. I feel out workouts as well. I just think ignoring the CNS and how a muscle group is feeling is counterproductive unless you are permanently on cycle or a mutant. I am neither.

    I also know from experience what overtraining a group can do..have a messed up left shoulder to show for it.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by cable626
    I thought I was able to go by feel with my diet for a while, but couldn't get it down right. I still have a lot to go before I get to that point I guess.

    anyway, i'll be following!
    Dude, I've been training for nearly 17yrs, and 15 of them I trained/ate this way.. The main things to consider whn you try, or if you try this:

    1. You'll need a basic understanding of what certain measurements of food look like, and the breakdown from it..

    2. Alternate between using Monday thru Friday for the work week and go MT/TF then MWF..

    3. Rest and recovery supplements should be the mainstay, which is why I like to dose high on antioxidants and BCAA's..

    What makes this even easier is you really don't need to "follow" anything.. I haven't had an actual training log since I was 16, I stated lifting at 14yrs old.. Getting locked into too much of a structure can hinder gains alot faster than winging it, then again some people benefit from structure..

  11. Quote Originally Posted by bigpetefox
    Example? I'm noone special, and don't give a **** really, just showing how I do..
    Bitch, you better give a ****, or i'll penis-flog you!

    i'm curious as to how your program looks brutha, it's obviously working for you. me, i need structure. if i went by feel, i'd do abs, calves, and cardio each day and call it quits. either way, i'll be watching you..........

  12. I wiah I had genetics like that

  13. 2/21/06

    Calves: 2 sets seated calf raise, 20 reps w/ 220lbs, then 260lbs
    3 sets standing calf raise TUT style, 20 reps 220lbs/260lbs/280lbs

    Back: warm-up with Pull-ups= 25 reps
    One-arm dumbbell rows: 15 reps w/75, 85, 95 each arm
    T-Bar Rows rest-pause: 3 plates= 8 reps before pausing twice
    4 plates= 5 reps before pausing twice, dropped to 2 plates for 20 reps..

    Triceps: Rope pull-down= 25 reps with 80lbs
    DC stretch overhead dumbbell w/ 50lbs both arms 30sec each..
    Seated frenchpress rest-pause w/ 95lb barbell, 10 reps w/ two 15 second pauses, failure after 30 total reps..

    Check What the animal eats for todays slop..

  14. 2/22/06


    2 warm-up sets of 25-30 reps (135lbs 1st, 225lbs 2nd) 2nd I got 23..

    4 worksets (2 with 315, 1 with 365, 1 with 395)
    5 reps-rest for 10sec-5 TUT reps-rest for 10sec- 5 reps
    15 reps per set..

    Leg Press: 1 set 30-rep widowmaker w/ 305..

    I'm sore..

  15. 2/23/06


    Calves: similar to day one, but standing calf raise and tibia flexor machine..

    Chest: HammerStrength IsoBench- 1 warm-up w/ 2 plates for 21 reps..
    2 work sets, 1st rest-pause with 3 plates @ 5 reps/2 rests for 15sec.. 2nd set 4 plates 1 rep rest 10sec 6 times..
    Dumbbell stretch DC style w/75lbers for 60 seconds
    Dumbbell flyes with 50lbers for 20 reps

    Biceps: Standing barbell reverse curl- 2 sets w/60lb fixed bar for 30 reps
    Dumbbell Hammer curls- 40-50-60 for 20 reps alternating arms..

    Pumped trying to type this..

  16. that's a gay ass workout right there

  17. I saw a tape of Nasser El Sonabaty called Nasser on the way. He trained almost completely by feel as well.
    Bodyparts reps etc Somedays he would use lots of supersets and rest pause. Some days very heavy some not. I actually don't think he counted reps he just drained his muscle and then moved on. I guess it works for some folks

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    that's a gay ass workout right there
    Spoken like a true authority..

    Glad you like it, Pumpkin..

  19. I agree with your style all the way. I started training in about 8th grade and towards the end of high school I had absolutely no set structure to my workouts. This is the style that works best for me, and obviously you too. Rock on!!!

  20. 2/27/06

    Chest, biceps..

    Warm-ups: incline bench press (135, 205, 225) @ 20 reps
    Work sets: 1 rep, 2 sets each (315, 335, 365)
    Flat-Bench flyes: 10 reps per set (40, 50, 60)

    Warm-up: alt. hammercurls w/35lb dumbbells 2 sets 20 reps each
    Reverse curls: Empty bar for 40 reps, ouch.. 2 sets
    Work sets: alt. dumbbell curls (40, 50, 60) 3 sets each weight


  21. interesting ...i like it ....

  22. I know this is way old but just like to say cheers BigPete.

    interesting read, i train pretty much by feel too. i love it.


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