Critique Routine

  1. Critique Routine

    I've been out of the game for awhile because of hernia. I'll be having my surgery in 3 days, so this is the routine that I'm going to try when I'm recovered.

    My previous routine was
    Day1 - Chest
    Day2 - Back
    Day3 - Off
    Day4 - Bis/Tris/Shoulders
    Day5 - Legs
    Day6 - Off
    Day7 - Repeat

    Anyways, I had to drop deadlifts, and limit my squats until I'm FULLY recovered, as I think the deadlift is what caused my hernia (soooo close to my 500lb goal )

    The new routine allows me to hit each body part twice a week from different angles.

    Let me know what you think, whether it be bad or good.
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  2. I have done a similar split, hitting everything more frequently with less sets. I definitely like it, and I think I'm going to go back to it soon. Just keep an eye on how your feeling, as this type of split does lend itself to overtraining. For this reason, I think this is better for a bulk/recomp than a straight cut. You need the extra cals to recover so quickly. Sleep is also imperative.

  3. Thanks for the reply,

    I'm actually seriously debating doing an Ergomax LMG/Prostanozol/clen stack using this routine, once I feel that I'm fully recovered. Calories are going to be around maintnance or slightly above, to attempt a recomp.

    I was successful in the past doing a recomp using a MOHN/M5aa/clen and this is going to be more agressive then that.

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